That’s right , research has shown that 8 out of 10 women are dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror, and more than half see a distorted image.

And it’s no wonder…

Society puts a tremendous amount of pressure on women to be thin and beautiful.

When we watch TV, read newspapers, magazines or surf the web we’re inundated with pictures of thin women.

These images of so-called “beautiful” women do not represent the bodies of the average woman.

In fact, according to the Social Issues Research Center, top models and beauty queens today weight 23% less than the average woman

To add to it, most of these images we see are airbrushed and photoshopped, with the goal of creating the perception of “perfect” women to sell more products.

Our society has developed an unrealistic perception of what a healthy weight and healthy body is…leading women to feel stressed and discouraged about their own weight and body, regardless of how they actually look.

The problem with this is that these negative emotions and beliefs about our bodies trigger hormones that prevent us from losing weight and actually lead to additional weight gain…

At this time in our culture when we are the toughest on ourselves about our weight, we also happen to have bigger issues with weight than ever before…

What’s especially surprising about those numbers is that since 1960, the percentage of obese people has nearly tripled.

In 1960 the obesity rate was only 13.4%!

So the question is, with our weight loss industry having topped billions of pounds (85% of which is driven by women), why are we not getting thinner?

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever been stressed out because of work, or because of a relationship, or about your weight and how you feel about yourself, or anything else…and reached for comfort in the form of food?

You know…stuff like crisps, pasta, biscuits, pizza or whatever that is for you. Whatever food you know isn’t a part of the healthy “diet” you want to be on, that you ended up reaching for out of comfort…

Or have you ever skipped exercising, even for weeks or months at a time, because you felt you were too busy, or because you felt unmotivated, or because you just felt too overwhelmed by life to get yourself to exercise?

Yeah! I think we all have!

The truth is that we don’t struggle with a lack of information on what to eat and how to exercise.

What we struggle with is what’s going on internally, deep in our unconscious minds, that’s making it difficult to make good eating and exercising decisions; as well as biologically triggering fat gaining hormones in our body that prevent us from losing weight.

You see… When something stressful happens, or you start thinking about something stressful, within seconds, the part of your brain called the amygdala (the almond-shaped part of your midbrain) tells your body to release specific hormones.

Adrenaline and cortisol (often called “the stress hormone”), floods your body, shutting down the creative problem-solving parts of your brain. And this causes two very big problems for somebody trying to lose weight…

#1 – It slows down your digestion. And anytime you slow down your digestion it makes it harder to…you guessed it…lose weight!

#2 – It constricts your blood vessels along with a few other key biological changes that control how you think, how your body and brain function, how strong your food cravings come on, and how quickly your brain can react to a given situation.

These two things combined mean that when you’re stressed you make worse decisions about what to eat, breaking your eating and exercise habits, and then you struggle to digest quickly, putting on more weight!

Have you ever had it happen that you’re stressed out and all of the sudden you find yourself ½ way through something like a box of chocolate chip cookies, and suddenly you think to yourself…why did I do that?

And you feel like you lost mental control of what was going on?

That’s because…you did.

The stress took over your body and inhibited your ability to think clearly and make good decisions.

And the foods we crave during these stressful times don’t help either.

Why do we tend to be attracted to and overeat sugary carbohydrates?

Carbohydrate rich foods increase brain concentrations of an amino acid called tryptophan, which is the building block for serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which, when released, brings about feelings of calm, happiness, peace, and satisfaction.

We overeat because our brain is looking for pleasure. Overeating in the moment serves a great purpose. It makes us feel great until the side effects set it. Shortly after your sugar rush, your insulin levels drop and you feel exhausted, which triggers a craving for more sugary carbohydrates to get us back to the sugar high.

It’s a vicious cycle!

No wonder so many people in our modern society struggle with weight loss
Another thing that prevents women from losing weight is deep unconscious traumas, patterns and beliefs about our weight, our bodies and ultimately about who we are…

When you stop to think about it…what beliefs do you have about your body?

Take a second to finish these sentences…

When I see other women and compare my body to theirs, I feel that my body is _____________.

When I think about wearing a swimsuit on a beach I feel _____________.

When I think about my body and my weight I feel _________________.

These are just a few of the many questions that can help you to figure out some of your beliefs about your body

And what about patterns that you’ve established? How would you finish these questions…

I can’t stay on a diet because ______________.

When I’m on a diet I feel ______________.

I can’t lose weight because I’m ________________.

And what about traumas from your past? How would you finish these questions…

If there was an event, situation or experience from my past that made me feel most uncomfortable about my body, it would be ____________________.

When I think about the part of my body that I most dislike, the words I use to describe that part to myself are _________________.

When I think about feeling vulnerable, naked or intimate with a partner, the emotion that comes up for me is _________.

The answers to these questions and questions like these can help you to begin to discover the unconscious blocks preventing you from losing weight.

The reality is that most of our challenges with weight loss come from deep-rooted issues from our childhood and adolescence…

At least 80% of the women I work with who are overweight have emotional or past trauma challenges contributing to their weight gain. EFT or Tapping is one of the simplest, most-effective tools anyone can use to immediately start seeing results.

What Exactly is “Tapping“…

Tapping, otherwise known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology.

It was developed originally in the 1980’s. Since then, thousands of psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, coaches and individual users have adopted this powerful technique for use on themselves, their clients, family members and more.

EFT has been known to work for years by psychologists, therapists, coaches and everyday people. In recent years a major push has been made for more evidence based research and the results have been astounding!

Clinical research studies with EFT are proving impressive results in a variety of areas such as relief from chronic pain, emotional problems, addictions, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, athletic performance, PTSD, and among other things…yes…amazing results with weight loss!

I want to invite you on a journey that starts on 25th June  …

A 7-week transformational journey designed specifically to help you lose weight, keep it off, and drastically improve your body confidence.

I want to invite you to allow me to be your coach and your guide along a journey  about YOU and reaching the ideal body and life that YOU want to create.

This journey and these 7 weeks are going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, even if you think you can’t possibly change, or that Tapping couldn’t work for you, or that you don’t think you have what it takes to succeed…you can still see life-changing results with this program.

I’m going to break down what I’ll be guiding you through in just a minute, but before I do that I want to explain what this program is not.

This is NOT going to be a program where we talk about what to eat and how to exercise.

As I said before, it’s not about that.

If you are currently exercising – BRILLIANT!!

Weigh Less with Words will slot in perfectly alongside anything you are currently doing

This program is for women who are tired of running around in circles with weight loss – weight loss that has stalled due to stress levels and Life

It’s for women who’s bodies struggle with exercise

It’s for women who simply don’t have enough hours in the day to juggle any more commitments

It’s for women who don’t feel confident enough in their own skin to commit to an exercise programme

It’s for Mums who are constantly being let down by babysitters

It’s for YOU {!firstname_fix!!

I’ve designed this program to be as easy, enjoyable and effortless as possible…

Week 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success
To have a fresh start we need to first clear the frustration you have around previous attempts to lose weight.
With 108 million people going on diets each year, with an average of 4 or 5 attempts per year, there are a lot of frustrations around past dieting experiences!
Many people feel overwhelmed before even starting.
Here we’ll clear those emotions and set you up for success.

Week 2: Emotional Eating and Cravings
Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions!
During this week we’re going to get clear on the emotions that have been sabotaging your success and we’ll focus on how to use tapping to target the physical craving as well as the emotional impulse to eat.
This week will be key in helping you learn how to finally end the battle with food.
Remember, self-deprivation doesn’t work so it’s important to create a relationship with food that’s nourishing and pleasurable for you.

Week 3: Finding the Joy in Exercise
We know we SHOULD do it but we don’t. Why????
For many exercise is a chore, another thing to do on our already busy to do list.
Others have bad associations with exercise from childhood, like needing to run those extra laps when we were in trouble. Your body is built to move and thrive with exercise yet its common to make every excuse to not do it.
Did you know that lack of physical activity contributes to over 300,000 deaths each year caused by heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other conditions.
During this week you’ll discover how to change any beliefs and resistance you have to exercise to make it something you look forward to.

Week 4: The Pain Under the Weight
What if the weight was a symptom of something deeper? What could the weight be trying to tell you about your life? What could the weight be a metaphor for?
Have you been hiding behind the weight and not living at your best? Has the weight been a way to protect you from a relationship or as a safe excuse to not pursue a goal?
In this week we’ll be going deep into the subconscious reasons we may have been holding on to the weight.

Week 5: The Power of Self-Care and Emotional Pleasure
Pleasure is a powerful metaboliser that increases oxygenation and blood flow and decreases the production of cortisol and insulin, untimely helping to burn fat and build muscle. This week you’ll clear any beliefs that are stopping you from feeling good in this moment and create a self-care calendar. We’ve been so brainwashed to think its just about food and exercise yet haven’t you ever just been happy and noticed you lost weight without realising it?

Week 6: Rewriting Your Body Story
Stories influence our behavior and even shape our culture.
What story are you telling yourself about who you are?
What stories have you been telling yourself as to why nothing has worked before?
During this week you’ll release any stories that have been holding you back so you can see new stories that carry you forward towards your goals.

Week 7: Moving Forward – Reinforcing New Habits for Ultimate Results
As the 7 weeks come to an end, you’ll discover what to do if you ever fall off track and how to be more in tune with your body than ever before. This week will guide you in knowing how to use Tapping and to make sure that you continue moving forward on your weight loss journey!

By now you’re likely seeing just how powerful these 7 weeks will be for you and you may believe that a 7-week program that can do this much for you is going to cost a bomb

And in all honesty…it really should…

As a Fat Loss expert, I am constantly researching new ways to help my clients successfully lose weight and keep it off, I have literally spent tens of thousands of pounds on books, courses, mentors and all sorts of other resources that I’m happy to be able to pass onto you.

Now, this isn’t a course that requires you to turn up anywhere other than your own home – all content will be delivered to you by email for you to get stuck into along with support in the Weigh Less With Words private Facebook community. I’d love you come to my weekly Tapping Circles Meet Ups if you’re free.

After decades of working with women and helping them feel comfortable in their own skin, I understand what it’s like to be frustrated with weight loss, to feel like you just want to be comfortable in your own skin, and to not be able to find a solution that works.

I understand the frustration and despair that comes with feeling like maybe I just can’t lose weight and that I’ll continue to put on weight for my whole life.

I went through some really tough times with my own personal battles and the one big thing that I learned from that experience is how appreciative I am to have what I have now, to feel that way I feel and to bloody well LOVE what I do

Which is why I’m so passionate about helping others to be able to do the same

What you’ll get access to in this 7 week programme …

  • 7 x Daily Meditation Tapping audios delivered by email
  • 7 x Nourishing Worksheets delivered by email
    7 x LIVE Tapping Circle Meetings – optional Group Tapping circle meeting each Saturday at 2.30pm  commencing 25th June (on occasion, the day & time may be subject to change). People the world over have discovered how Tapping in a group setting accelerates healing, changes, and shifts far faster than working alone.  We’ll cover one of the basic emotions each week – Fear, Anger, Guilt, Sadness, Exhaustion, Overwhelm, Embarrassment, Failure
  • 7 x Bonus Tapping scripts: What Happened the Last Time I Lost Weight,  Releasing the Pain of Hurtful Words People Have Used, People will Expect More Of Me, I Will Sabotage Myself Again in the Future, I Don’t Deserve to Get My Needs Met, My Metabolism, Setting Yourself Free from the Past
  • Support via our private Weigh Less With Words Facebook community.
  • Peace Of Mind – you really can’t put a price on that can you?

This really is incredible value !!!
Now, you will have to commit to daily Tapping sessions in order to succeed however I know that if you’ve read this far – you’re committed to making changes and will no longer accept life on anything less than your terms.

Are you ready to do some Tapping and dive right into it?

You’ll get to be a part of a supportive group that will guide you to creating the body, the beliefs, and the confidence you want to create a life beyond anything you’ve ever imagined was possible for yourself, and you’ll even make some wonderful friends along the way by engaging in our Weight Less With Words Community…

All posts in the Facebook group are private and only members can see them.

While others can see the name of the group, they cannot see anything you write.

You will see member posts in your personal Facebook feed, but be assured that non-members and your friends who are non-members cannot see the posts.

While some of you may not want to join Facebook due to privacy issues, you have an alternative option!

You can join with another name (like your first and middle name instead of a last name or a cartoon character, like Wonder Woman) and use an avatar or other photo instead of your own. Signing up for Facebook is free and the Facebook group can be so incredibly active and supportive that I highly recommend checking it out and seeing for yourself.

PS – During these seven weeks, you will learn to not only transform your relationship with food and exercise, but also how to create a more positive body image and bring deep, passionate joy back into your life!

Here’s to your success!