October 2016

Altnagelvin Neonatal Intensive Care

Well, as you all know – we’ve been busy fundraising for Altnagelvin Neonatal Intensive Care.

145 Ordinary Men & Women – #teammilliondollar
Every one of them a HERO in my eyes

They decided to Take Action and Make A Difference –
They did not stop to complain.
They did not baulk at challenges.
They did not give up when the going got tough.
They did not give valuable time to self-defeating thoughts.

Final count is in for our fundraising efforts:

This incredible community has raised a staggering £3525 in ONE month for Altnagelvin Neonatal ICU.

£3525!!! 😱😱😱😱
Community spirit and determination at its finest 🖐🏻

Thank you to everybody who came along to our fundraisers, contributed and took part….. Together we have made a difference
Dee x

  • £147.00 21 Day Juice Challenge
  • £1347.45 Pledge My Pounds
  • £1060.66 Mt Sawel Climb
  • £970.00 Coffee Morning
  • TOTAL RAISED £3525.00

October 2016

Rainbow Rescue and Rehoming Centre for Cats and Dogs

Rainbow Rehoming Shelter for Cats & Dogs

Some of the AWESOME #teammilliondollar#ladyposse and their buddies!

A wee pic we did for The Rainbow Rehoming Centre 2017 Calendar and we raised £200.00 🙂

Dee x

  • £200.00 Me and My Buddy Photoshoot
  • TOTAL RAISED £200.00

Read more about Rainbow Rescue & Rehoming Centre for Cats & Dogs and visit their Facebook page.

October 2015

Jamie's Journie

Jamie’s Journie

Hey everybody, just an update on our fundraising efforts!

We are teamed up with Jamie’s Journie after we realised that every one of the children that had been nominated by you guys would ALL benefit, instead of just one child.

I knew I could count on you all … together we are AWESOME and a force to be reckoned with ‪#‎teammilliondollar‬

Find out more about Jamie’s Journie >>here<<

P.S. fundraising update on 2nd November… Total Raised so far by#TeamMillionDollar is £3860!!

P.P.S. fundraising update on 22nd November… Grand Total Raised by#TeamMillionDollar is £5620!!

Dee x

  • £690.00 Pledge My Pounds
  • £425.00 Coffee Morning
  • £1290.00 Mt Errigal Climb
  • £1455.00 Raffle
  • £1760.00 Donations
  • TOTAL RAISED £5620.00

Read the full story of how we raised over £5k for Jamie’s Journie here and here.

Read more about Jamie’s Journie and visit the Facebook page

October 2014

Northern Ireland Children's Hospice

NI Childrens’ Hospice

Tower Hall, the renovated church on Bond’s Hill in the Waterside, was packed to capacity as Dee McCahill welcomed members and new friends to a Hollywood-themed, red carpet party.

Children from the NI Children’s Hospice cut the ribbon and guests enthusiastically joined in to raise £1000 for the charity.

“This is our third time to expand and move into a bigger building, this time we have found our home,” Dee said, as she explained that the larger building would allow new members to join and begin their weight loss journey.

Entertainment was provided by:
Hands That Talk Signing Choir
African Mash Up Traditional Dancers
Kevin and Sarah Murphy
Sean (MC on the night) and Michelle Conaghan.

+ “Million Dollar Selfie” Group Shot (photo Gerard McCole) Dropbox Link

  • £1000.00 Red Carpet Relaunch
  • TOTAL RAISED £1000.00

Read more about NI Childrens Hospice and visit their Facebook page.