I have a friend who compares all of her health symptoms to childbirth.

Until they reach that crescendo, she won’t go in for a checkup.

It’s the same with her cars. She drives her car until it dies and then gets a different one. And no, she doesn’t come from money. From my perspective, and that’s what people pay me for, I would think it would be safer and more economical to maintain the body (and vehicle) she has, rather than driving it into the ground.

The warning light in your car is an early warning system designed to alert you that something may be wrong, and perhaps it would be clever to take it to a mechanic. Our bodies come equipped with a warning system too. Pain and discomfort is a warning system that something may be out of whack.

And, in case you’re like my friend, please don’t wait until your symptoms are comparable to child birth before you take action.

Unlike cars, your body is not replaceable … it’s the only one you have.

Your body is the temple of your spirit during your stay-cation here on earth. It should be honored and respected. How you treat your body is an extension of how you feel about yourself, and a reflection of what you think you deserve. It’s literally written all over you.

Through my mentor, I recently met a very wealthy entrepreneur who has both financial and time freedom. He told me that he’d recently had a very serious health scare and if frightened him because it was the first thing he’d come across that money couldn’t fix. He said that he would have given every last penny he had, sold every investment, just to feel better again. Thankfully It didn’t come to that, but he had an almighty awakening and now uses his resources to help and support others. Turns out health is his most precious asset not his money.

If you are ignoring your health, or not putting it first, I urge you to make yourself a priority. Life can change in an instant.  Running yourself ragged, or pouring all your love, attention and nurturing into others, or your business (or both) — and leaving nothing for yourself — is a recipe for a drained battery at best, and dire consequences at worst.

Neglecting yourself until you reach a certain level of success does not create more health later, it just creates fatigue now.

Looking after your health and well-being can indeed make you money. A strong mind and a strong body are a fertile ground for creativity and strategic thinking to flow.

A client recently came to me for something completely different, but at the beginning of our second coaching session, she told me that the chronic pain in her neck and shoulders had completely disappeared. “Whatever you did in our last session completely lifted the pain and freed my neck! I had no idea that my pain was connected to anything historical.” She had been resigned to the physical pain, believing it was just something she had to live with. But by being willing to kick her outdated beliefs to the curb, she now gets to experience life differently, from the inside out.

There is no question that our physical symptoms are actually a tangible reflection or our energy. Balancing and releasing the internal, restores the external.

Your health is not something you can save up in a bank account, but it is a part of your wealth portfolio.

Protect your assets by taking care of yourself now.


Today’s RAK involved shopping – I hate shopping at the best of times but food shopping on a Saturday afternoon? It’s fecking manic!  Wide Berth!!  Anyway I was in Tesco dodging the trolleys and as I turned into the next aisle I could see a wee elderly man struggling to reach a box of cereal on the top shelf – just beyond his reach. The poor fella was looking around for someone tall enough to reach them but people were oblivious – caught up in their own hustle and bustle …. No problem sir! I can get them for you … I was happy to help, after all that could have been my own dad stood there needing help.

People come in all shapes and sizes . Sometimes we are too short to reach the top shelf, and sometimes we are too tall or inflexible to reach items on the bottom shelf.

Next time you are shopping take notice of the other shoppers around you.

Is someone having difficultly reaching an item?


Help them.

Enjoy your Saturday evening


Dee x


ps – day 100 is getting closer! Watch this space 🙂