I’m chuffed that yesterday’s video helped you so much – the feedback I had was incredible
The common theme was relief that you aren’t mad in the head, you aren’t lazy or ANY of those things you’ve been calling yourself lately
Because I’ve had so many questions, I’m trying something new today… a Q and A:
If you do have a question for me , hit reply and I’ll answer it asap

Q: How can I improve my workout motivation?

A: If you think too much about how painful or tiring it will be, you’ll lose energy and drive. Instead, before the workout, picture how satisfied you’re going to feel once you’re done. Create a playlist and during the workout, stick your playlist on. Oh, and make sure you’re fully hydrated before you start.
Q: How do I deal with Negative Naysayers?
A: Remember, hurt people tend to want to hurt other people. It’s their way of letting out what they’re feeling inside (naysayers are usually talking to themselves worse than anyone else). It’s your job to be brave enough to a) feel sorry sorry for them and b) learn from them (I mean, if you’d never met person X, how would you know what you wanted to be the opposite of?)

Q: How do I realise my personal strengths?

A: Text the 3 people you’re closest to and ask them ‘What do you think are my 5 best personal traits or strengths?‘. With the replies you’ll have 15 key strengths to work with.
Q: I want to mediate, how do I do it and how long should I practice
A: In a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find 20 mins to meditate.
So, for busy peeps I say try to practice the ‘mini med‘ – a 2 minute meditation you can do whenever you like – on the train or toilet, at work, after lunch, before bed. When you mini med, breath in through your nose for 4s and out your mouth for 4s. Focus ALL your attention on the sound and feel of your breath and any time your mind wanders to past or future thoughts – bring it gently back to the sound/feel of the breath. Set your timer for 2 mins and see how much calmer you feel afterwards.
My RAK today is to carry this positive thinking into my online world – it can be easy to forget how your words can affect someone if you aren’t face to face with them and I’ve put my foot in it soooo many times in emails, facebook messages – yesterday in particular …..
Things I have said with good intention have been taken totally out of context and the next thing you’re the worst in the world
My Bad if you were offended by any of my emails – i didn’t mean to offend