Hey, do you often think that if you’re not “insane” and “crazy strict” then you must be “lazy” and “slacking.”

And then because we can’t stay insane/crazy strict forever, we think our only option is laziness and slacking because moderation and being in the middle, STILL feels like failure to us, so THEN we say, “to hell with everything!!”

Except that feels awful too.

Being out of control, paying no mind to what we are eating and how we are moving our bodies isn’t any fun. and physically it feels terrible.

So what if we could find this middle ground between the insanity and the b******?

What if we held our feet to the fire enough to know when we are being lazy and putting in zero effort, and what if we could also recognize when we truly deserve a little kindness and compassion?

What if we worked REALLY, REALLY hard at doing enough, but not too much?
What would that look like?

It would probably look a little different for all of us, and it would probably change over time as our bodies and priorities change, and it would probably feel like failure at first.

But what if it allowed for consistency over the next 30, 40, 50 years?

Wouldn’t that be worth it?

For me, the sweet spot between slacking and insanity is protein and veggies with every meal, stopping when I’m 80% full, and having a hot chocolate or maybe a slice of cheesecake once a week if I choose to

It’s about training 3-5 days a week, walking at the beach whenever I have time, but not stressing about when I can’t manage.

It’s cheese on my salad, and mayo on the side.

It’s dessert when I want it, not over-eating, and not stressing about food.

What does your sweet spot look like ?
Do you enjoy what you’re doing right now?
Is it something you can honestly maintain forever?

Just some food for thought. 

My RAK today is high fiving somebody who gives selflessly.

She does so much for everybody else around her….. me included
So today I’m doing something for her 🙂
#teammilliondollar     #randomkindness

P.S.  Speaking of the sweet spot between slacking and insanity, I’m super excited about my Empowerment Project that kicks off on Sunday 4th October
We’ll talk about nutrition, training, mindset, body image, self-love and much much more