What a weekend I’ve had – over 30 amazing women joined me for my 1 Day Mindset & Motivation Workshop

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It was such an Empowering Day for everybody although I think my fave part was the “How Others See Me” game.

To watch these women’s faces light up as they discovered how powerful and beautiful they really are was just AWEsome!!

My next Mindset & Motivation workshop isn’t until September but already the seats are filling up!


So how was your weekend ?

Did you get some exercise in?


No sweat – Here’s your Monday morning 6-Minute Fat Burner

– Do each exercise for 45 seconds and rest 15 seconds before the next exercise.

– Repeat the circuit 2 – 3 times a day if you can!

A) Bodyweight Squat (arms held at shoulder height)
B) Press Up
C) Prisoner Squat Jump (hands up beside your ears and land with your knees slightly bent)
D) Plank
E) Cross-Body Mountain Climber (keep your abs braced hard)
F) Run-on-the-Spot (drive those knees high)

So much fun!

Seriously…trading a few minutes of training is waaaaaay better than hitting the sofa when you get in from work.

That’s how you turn a “Wow” workout into a WHOOOOOOOSH of fat loss.

Of course, that’s not the only secret to losing weight faster


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Dee McCahill delivers her Mindset & Motivation Workshop