Super quick one for you today.

One of my girls on the LBD Challenge has dropped out due to personal reasons.

This means I have room for ONE more!

So if you missed out cos you were too slow to take action, today you have ONE more chance.


Remember the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray?

That’s the one where he lives through the same day over and over and over again.

Well, unless you change something about what you do daily … you’re never gonna achieve your dream body.

Groundhog Day – is that what you want?

I understand.


It never feels like the time is perfect… but you can’t wait for that moment, it’ll never come!

Don’t ever miss out on something that really matters to you, like transforming your body and your life.


If you want to change, you MUST take action NOW.


My Fast Action takers are already on board on my 42 day Little Black Dress Challenge and I don’t want you to miss out on the same amazing results that they are going to get before Christmas.

If you’ve hesitated on getting started, I understand.

You might have questions. Well, the GOOD news is that I’ve got your answers. Here we go!


Q: Who is this Little Black Dress program for?


I’ll be honest. The 42 day program is for committed people only. It’s only for you if you are ready to get dramatic results in the next 6 weeks.
It’s not for you if…
  • You don’t really want to change, if you’re secretly happy just being tired, overweight and in emotional and physical pain everyday.
  • You want an easy button with no work involved.
  • You just want to keep doing the same old long boring cardio workouts without getting results.

But if you are committed to making a BIG CHANGE in your life, then this 42 day programme is perfect for you. You’ll get fast results – changing your body more in the next 6 weeks than you have in the last 6 years.

And let me be frank, I know how to get inside of your head and FIX every diet mistake you’ve ever made, how to beat your cravings, and how to prevent overeating.

It’s the golden key to fat loss. I can show you – just like I have shown hundreds of other clients – how to beat your diet demons, how to overcome stubborn weight loss plateaus, and how to FIX your current workout so it increases your slowing metabolism.

I am going to be the support that you need.

But don’t get me wrong… I’m not just here to make you smile and give you the motivation you need to get going in the morning.

I’m also going to challenge you .. hold you accountable.

Give you the kick-in-the-butt that you need when you’ve had a tough week but still need to stick to the proven plan.

You’ll finish this programme with permanent habits keeping you slim and sexy for life.

Q: What do I get when I sign-up?


You’ll receive:

  • The EXACT meal plans you need to get results fast but WITHOUT the hunger that comes from normal weight loss diets
  • The PERFECT exercise program for YOUR fitness level to give you FAST results no matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • A step-by-step SUCCESS plan for your big goals and dreams based on my research
  • And most importantly… you’ll get the Social Support and the PROFESSIONAL accountability you need – I’m YOUR biggest Cheerleader

I’ll also show up in your inbox each morning with your daily reminder of EXACTLY what to do for fast results.

Now remember… this only works if YOU do, and the best way to stay committed – as proven over and over again with scientific research – is to have social support, professional accountability, daily reminders, a nice incentive for success (plan to buy yourself a little black dress!), and a big goal with a DEADLINE.

All you have to do is click the link below, go through the process to get the perfect program for you, and then I’ll get you started.

Sign Up <<< here >>>

In just a few days you’ll notice results in the mirror, and people will be turning their heads and complimenting you as you walk by at work, home, and even when you’re out and about.

It’s that simple.

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This is the perfect time to make the permanent fix you’ve wanted for so long.

Q: And you PROMISE this will work?

Yes –  I know that you’ve never had an opportunity like this before, and that’s why you might not have changed in the past. But the past is NOT your fault.

When you start my program, you’ll finally have everything you need to make permanent changes.

So please take advantage of this opportunity and let us take ALL of the risk off your shoulders and put it our own.
Don’t let this opportunity slip you by.

Your time is NOW.

Your solution is here.

I am waiting.

And your permanent results are just days away.


Click here to start your Life Changing programme


Dee x