It comes in THREE parts:
1. Quit, leave, shut off EVERY Facebook group that doesn’t add DIRECTLY and MEASURABLY to your happiness, peace of mind or freedom for the next 7 days.
Don’t worry, you can always sign back in after 7 days if you REALLY want to, but for now, I invite you to ‘create space’ in your head, your heart and your time by ACTIVELY LEAVING the groups (not just not visiting them).

2. Disable or uninstall your facebook app from your phone for the next 7 days.

3. Create SPECIFIC ‘login times’ for using social media every day for the next 7 days and use those times for SPECIFIC activities.
If you are going on to leave a post, communicate with friends or update something in a SPECIFIC group then please do so, but I invite you not to go social surfing or reading anyone else’s stuff that you didn’t PRE-PLAN to see. If you are logging into my groups to update or engage in conversations then do so strategically.
Decide when you are coming in and when you are logging out.
That’s it!
That’s your Challenge
Do you accept?
Dee x