The ENLIGHTENED Lady aspires to live lighter, breathe lighter, walk lighter, talk lighter, feel lighter, move lighter, dance lighter, be lighter

She doesn’t expect life to always be easy…

But she also knows it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Struggle is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Choose EnLIGHTENment.

Because you’re ready to ditch the restriction, control, punishment, and persuasion….and step into something lighter.

You’re ready to break up with your inner critic, make peace with yourself and your body, and simply start living!

But a life that’s on your own terms — with freedom, permission, choice, and pleasure.

FEEL LIGHTER: Ditch the perfection. Ditch your inner critic.

WALK LIGHTER: Meet yourself where you are. Take care of your body, your brain, and your heart.

LIVE LIGHTER: Ditch the stress. Ditch the control. Ditch the uphill battle.

Become your EnLIGHTENed self.

But you must CHOOSE it for yourself. No one can choose it for you.

So which path will YOU choose ?

Make sure you can see the pic below btw 🙂



Have a fabulous Wednesday

Dee xx

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