Do you ever feel stuck and don’t know the best way to move forward?

It’s like you’ve been spinning your wheels but you’re not getting any traction and it seems like you’re never going to get where you want to go.

Do you know what I mean?

It can be really overwhelming or even excruciating, especially if you’ve been feeling this way for a while….

Here are 5 steps you can take to shake off this energy and get the results you want:

#1 Fully commit to yourself and the future you want
This can be a stretch sometimes, however if you really want to create success professionally or personally, it takes a strong level of commitment.

You are worthy of having a happy & prosperous future—choose to commit to yourself 100% and make yourself and your goals a major priority now.

#2 Surround yourself with supportive people who lift you up
This is a big one!  Find your Spark Team (choose 3 people who you know will be open & honest) and support one another.  Check in and share about your progress, struggles and your dreams and remember to celebrate all your successes with each other.

#3 Focus on the Positives and enjoy where you are right at this moment
Acknowledge yourself everyday and find ways to experience gratitude for the experiences you have in your life.  Be present with the blessings you do have, practice compassion toward yourself and be grateful for the opportunities that await you.  You are amazing!

#4 Find the right mentor or coach who can help you get there with a lot more ease
Let’s face it, no one can get where they want without training and support from that coach who authentically cares about you and has the know-how to help you have the success you want.  By investing in a trusted coach or mentor, you’ll save years and actually make way more progress

#5 Nourish your body and mind
It’s essential to feed your body, mind and soul every day with laughter, connection with others healthy movement and real food.  Dance, sing, eat well, enjoy the pleasure of simply breathing deeply or whatever restores and revitalises you.

Try these steps and see what comes up for you!

Ladies, if you are over 35 and feel like you could use some assistance revitalizing and making the second half of your life the very best it can be get in touch with me today

Dee x


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