I used to believe that to lose fat you need to eat as little as possible.
Not many people know this but when I was around 17, I was anorexic
Lots of people ask me what happened ..
Honest answer?
I have no idea
I HATED looking at myself
Maybe it was because I didn’t fit in
I wasn’t one of the “Cool” Crew
I was a walking calorie calculator!
I’d lay in bed and night counting up what I ate during the day, and when I came in under my calorie ‘allowance’ I’d be thrilled.
If I didn’t, I felt terrible, figuring out how I could get rid of those extra calories from that 1/4 of an apple I’d eaten and so I’d start planning in my head how to eat as little as possible the next day to make up for it … without being caught
Not only did it make me really really ill over a long period of time, it’s remarkable how WRONG I was.
To this day I get hundreds of emails from ladies who think the best thing to do to lose fat is to restrict calories.
It’s certainly a factor, but you have to do it SMART
Extreme diet and calorie restriction messes up your metabolism in two big ways …
1.  It increases your hunger and cravings. 
Cutting way back on calories deprives your body of vital nutrients.
You then experience hunger because your body wants proper nourishment.
That’s why most dieters eventually give in to the hunger, end up over indulging, and gain back all the weight they lost.
And when that happens, the ‘binge’ raises insulin levels that turn on fat-storing alpha receptors and shut off fat-burning beta receptors.
It’s a sure-fire way to becoming a professional Rebound Weight Gainer.
Do you know anybody like that?
2.  It causes your hormones to start to work against you. 
Keep the following in mind — Your thyroid hormones control your metabolism. And your leptin levels control your appetite.
And after you’ve been on a restrictive diet for as little as a week, your thyroid hormones and your leptin levels take a PLUNGE.
Your body reacts to this plunge by conserving calories.
Even if you were already eating like a bird, to continue to lose weight you need to eat even LESS.
I’ve been down that road before, like I said.
At the end of it lies eating disorder.
I’ve been there
And it’s not a journey anyone wants to take.
All these reactions cause your fat storage and stress hormones to skyrocket.
So you find yourself in a no-win situation where your body is both hoarding fat and conserving calories.
And don’t even get me started on the mood swings!
The bottom line?
A great stubborn fat and cellulite busting diet involves eating the RIGHT foods … not necessarily LESS food. 
So why am I talking about this today?
Well yesterday those terrible feelings of not being part of the “Cool” crowd popped up again
In a business mentoring group I belong to
We were all divided into smaller groups for an exercise and of course there were the uber cool folks being picked for ALL of the groups – everybody wanted to be in their gang
Nobody asked me to join their group
It was like being back at school all over again
Part of me wanted to curl up and die BUT then the warrior part of me ..
  … the part of me that fights so hard to Empower other women just like you said F**K IT
I stand for Freedom from all kinds of judgement
Walk tall my dad always said 🙂
Which brings me to RAK #53

Make an effort to be polite to someone you don’t know.

Go out of your way to say hello or have a conversation with them.

Getting to know and understand that person won’t kill you!

Before you know it you might actually have a new friend

So often we do not get along with people simply because we don’t take the time to understand where they are coming from.

If we knew more about them–their background, where they grew up, what they do with their free time–we would better understand why they say or do the things they do.

It’s what we would want for ourselves, so we should afford it to others too

Thanks for listening

Dee x

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PS – day 100? You’ll love it I think