When you were a kid you probably dreamt about this loads, but then you hit a certain age when all those dreams disappear.

When was that exactly ?

Could it be that you’ve hit that age when you think you can no longer become what you dreamt of? 

Was there a point in time that zapped your chance to change?


When I used to get asked what I wanted to be when I “grew up,” my answer was not one of the classics….. Teacher, social worker or nurse just never appealed to me.

I wasn’t very “book smart” as a kid you see but I always had a great imagination.

When I looked at all the things I could become, my choice was simple:

I said I wanted to be a Super Hero.


Everybody laughed when they heard this and said I was being stupid or unrealistic.

Even though I kept it quiet, I never lost sight of this dream.

Why a Super Hero???


Well, when you’re a Super Hero, you have the best life.

You get to spend your time developing your special gifts, you get to hang out with other Super Heroes and your sole purpose is to use your powers for good to save and inspire others against evil.

I became a Personal Trainer.

I never finished school – I gave up at 15, I felt so angry that others didn’t believe in me and cast me aside as someone who was incapable and would never amount to anything.

Nobody saw me for my strength, fire and heart OR the fact that I would make ANYTHING happen if I put my mind to it.
I so deeply wanted advice and guidance then – somebody who could see my potential and nurture me.
That’s why I love what I do now so much  …

I coach for the very reason that made me so determined to become the best version of me that I could possibly be AND …

  • to give women a chance
  • to give women who have lost their way Hope
  • to give women practical steps so they can begin to believe in themselves
  • to allow women to have the will to find their way forward again through the fog
  • to give women the respect of their kids and go from being a disappointment to being a hero
  • to give women the chance to stand in front of a mirror and not cringe …

My WHY is to bring others to their fullest potential in an intimate space, so they can grow a sense of pride in who they are.

I stand for what I believe in – EMPOWERMENT
What do YOU stand for ??


Today’s RAK was to encourage somebody to reach for her dreams and actually start making things happen!
Ioana you CAN do it!! 🙂


Dee x

PS – You know how I committed to doing 100 days of Kindness?

Well day 100 is next Sunday 22nd Nov – mark that date in your calendar because I’d hate you to miss it!!