Do you feel like you’re living on a small deserted island where dark heavy clouds of fear, failure & judgement consistently block out the sunlight to the day where are you finally living your forgotten dreams?

It’s a cold and lonely miserable place to live, however each day you live with a glimmer of hope, a glimmer of hope that one day, you’ll live a life where clothes shopping is easy, you can walk into ANY shop and pick ANY outfit that you choose …

You’ll have more freedom to do the things you want to do, a better lifestyle full of peace, fulfillment & joy

They call this Paradise!!

One day this is where you aim too be, living on Paradise, however right now Paradise is a fading image in the distance far from the deserted island which you life

– What’s wrong with me?
– Why can’t I get onto this Island?,
– Why can’t I become “One Of Those People”

…these are daily questions you keep asking yourself!!

However, every now and then in the distance, the clouds breaks, shining a small ray of sunlight onto the weeds in front of you

“This is it, it’s MY turn”,

you say to yourself, which lifts your spirits, it re-ignites that old flame that once burnt so brightly,

“This is it, this is the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for, finally I can start moving towards my own pot of gold”,

yet, for some reason, when you start walking towards the light of hope, your feet feel heavy, you start dragging your feet instead of running towards the light, the light start to shine less bright as you say to yourself,

“tomorrows the day, I’ll do it tomorrow”…

WHY, WHY, WHY don’t I just MOVE towards the light,

You see, the thing is…

You’ve been here before, you’ve seen this light of hope before, and you say to yourself,

“I can’t do this, Why me, How can I possibly do it this time when I haven’t managed before?,

What makes ME so special?”

As you move closer to the light your feet sink deeper into the dark brown, stoning sand under your feet, water rushes around your legs which makes you feel paralysed, again, this is something new to you, in fact you’ve felt this “Frustration” before but this time growing around your legs are weeds from the seed of doubt planted a few months previous….

You’re STUCK!!

The water level starts rising leaving you even more frustrated, overwhelmed with far too much water to deal with, the weeds tighten around your legs dragging you down but the worst is yet to come…

Your fellow natives however always seems to be living on paradise island.

The sand which they walk on is much more soft and golden under their feet,

The sun always seems to shine bright, people are living much rich happier lifestyles, everyone seems to have more freedom, more time to spend with their love ones, they travel from island to island visiting their native friends, they WEIGH less, they LIVE more and never seem to fear failure, they thrive each and everyday…
Everything seems to be sunshine & rainbows with everyone moving closer towards their own pot of gold,

Except for YOU

You live each and everyday with fear, doubt & frustration that keeps you where you are – STUCK!!

That is it you say to yourself …

That’s it you repeat …

I’m never going to get my own pot of gold.

NOW …..
Picture yourself waking up 6-20lbs lighter – Feeling energised instead of hitting that snooze button over and over again. You fit better in your clothes. GONE is the guilt you feel about junk food.
Imagine being able to walk into ANY clothes shop you choose and picking the outfit you LOVE straight from the rail. In the size YOU want without having to endure the embarrassing conversation with the skinny sales girl who can’t look you in the eye as she tells you they don’t stock your size.
GONE is the dread and shame that normally surrounds a shopping trip, because this time you’re ahead of the game.
No longer do you feel like a FAILURE.
YOU took control
And now you’re feeling pretty damn sexy.
In fact, YOU feel freaking AWESOME.

You’re skin is glowing … you are radiant!!!
The uncomfortable weight you were holding onto has been released
You feel fit, strong and vibrant.
 You look out of this world
You feel Awesome
Congratulations …..
Let me take you off that lonely desert island and help YOU reach Paradise

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Dee x