Hard as Oak Team Million Dollar Fitness

Hard as Oak Team – Million Dollar Fitness

Yesterday 30 of #teammilliondollar crawled through muck and cow pats to complete Hard as Oak – Irelands toughest 10k obstacle race.

Who would have thought it would be so much fun !!

It was AWESOME and for me as a Coach, it was an incredibly proud moment to see so many women who have struggled with confidence, body image and other limiting beliefs step into their power and push themselves further than they ever could have imagined possible.

Teamwork, laughter and hugs … that was the order of the day and that’s exactly how we roll at MDF.

Women who empower, support and lift each other up.

Finding time to exercise can be incredibly overwhelming at times.

Which is why many women love the 30 minute sessions at Million Dollar Fitness

They don’t need to spend hours in the gym doing cardio.

Best of all these 30 minute sessions are really easy to plug into a hectic crazy day.

My workouts are designed to tap into an optimal “Fat Burning Zone” triggering your hormones to burn more fat. Spending hours in the gym can actually end up flooding your system with cortisol making it even harder to lose weight

Here’s a quick 21 minute workout for you to try out today …

7 exercises, 45 seconds per exercise with a 15 second rest in between.

Do 3 sets:

  • High Knees
  • Prisoner Squats  (hands up beside your ears)
  • Burpee’s
  • Sprint (on the spot)
  • Prisoner Lunges (hands up beside your ears)
  • Back Extension
  • Plank


Have a fab Sunday !!

Dee x