So kids have been back in school for almost a month, and from listening to my girls at Million Dollar, I’ve learned one important lesson:

Maths seems waaaay harder now than it used to be back in the day!!


I’m sure that it’s not just Maths that’s taught differently these days but old ways just don’t seem to be the “correct answer” anymore.

The girls are also saying how much more homework their kids have –  a lot more homework than I remember having to do.

If you have kids, I’m sure you find yourself wondering how much of this will they actually use when they grow up???

As somebody who dropped out of school at 15, I can tell you not knowing my Algebra or Trigonometry hasn’t made my life any harder!!

I mean – Maths is the only subject where someone can buy 39 footballs only to give 17 of them away and no one asks, “Why?????”

It is of course also the discipline in which kids have to calculate what 21 snickers bars plus 8 cupcakes equals (By the way, the answer is 1 major sweet tooth, dental problems and a high percentage chance of childhood diabetes!)

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that maths isn’t important.

I think it’s really important for brain development and your problem solving abilities

I rely on maths every day for nutrition plans, body fat percentages AND I’m betting you do too!!

Whether it’s calculating calories, grams of sugar, sets and reps, or percentages of Heart Rate or 1 Rep Max, maths can help your fitness.

Maths is also there when you try to understand how long your car trip will take if you’re averaging 65 miles an hour (that’s if you don’t have TomTom of course 🙂 )

Maybe you’ve heard of Newton’s f = ma and Einstein’s e=mc2??

No biggie if you haven’t ….

My RAK today is sharing my formula for success with YOU

You see, I was thinking about equations and how they could make you more successful in life (my equations are much easier to understand!)

I started with this –  the “common denominator” for success:


Don’t stress if you’re like me and you don’t have any book smarts either …. whether you use maths or not , here are 5 equations for action you can easily memorise and apply:

A = Action                    D = Decision            S = Stress

K = Knowledge            Pe = Persistence     W = Wisdom

Pr = Procrastination     E = Experience

1.  D – A = Pr

Decision minus Action equals Procrastination.  If you are just thinking about something, nothing happens and you just spend your time deciding to get ready to get ready.
2.  D + A = E

Decision plus Action equals Experience.  When you add action to decision, you learn important lessons for the future and more about the power of action.
3.  K – A = S 

Knowledge minus Action equals Stress.  When you know you should be doing something and don’t take action, it is easy to stress out over the situation.
4.  K + A = W

Knowledge plus Action equals Wisdom.  When you consistently add action to the knowledge you have, you increase your understanding about that knowledge.
5.  Pe + A = Anything You Want

Persistence plus Action equals whatever it is you are persistent about.  When you take continuous chops at a goal, eventually that tree is going to fall.

Today’s Lesson:

Action not only cancels out Procrastination and Stress, but can also produce Experience and Wisdom!

How you add or subtract action in your life will decide who you are, what you have and what you will become.

Maybe this is the lesson I should have learned at school instead of making so many mistakes about action to finally figure it out lol

Learn your lesson today and apply it


Share these formulas with others …. help somebody else take ACTION Today

Dee xx

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PS Day 100 is gonna be special ………….