I’ve got a special message from good ole Santa Claus himself all the way from the North Pole hehehe,

Hands up if you love special offers and crazy deals….

Me! me! me!

I have something that I think will really brighten up your day,

Especially with all that rain coming down outside

On the plus side we’re all set for one of the warmest Decembers!!

So what gifts do I bring today you ask?


Today something altogether craaazzzzy…….It’s the gift of health, fitness and happiness that comes with the most insane offer I have made.


I want to offer 5 people the chance to work with me at Million Dollar Fitness for the next 18 months ….

for the price of 9months.

Yes you read that right.

18 months for the price of 9….

Now, I’m raising the bar on my programmes in January and the popular £77 pcm option won’t be an option to new members any more.

It’ll be a 90 Day Transformation programme @ £147 pcm

So, I wanted to offer you something that would blow your mind …..

I though F*** It, I want to do something truly outrageous and offer you 18 months for the price of 9

18 months is £1386

9 months … £693

That’s £693 for 18 months of Kick Ass Accountability with yours truly

A Group Training experience like no other

You’d be silly not to

But then I got thinking and decided feck it lets make this offer even more mind blowing,

Who likes the number £693


So I though lets do if for £595.

YES £595, Sweet Baby Cheeses !!


Why £597 I can hear you ask ?? –

Because I can AND I just liked the look of it..
Now some of you are already on our Paid in full memberships like this, and may want one of these places,

So here’s the deal

You can buy one of these now and use it when your membership is about to run out.

So lets say your membership is due to finish in March,

You purchase the amazing offer today and you can then start it in March…

Winner, winner chicken dinner for you…

Now I know you’re awesome simply by taking advantage of this incredible deal so I figured, you deserve even more
I want to make this offer so awesome for you and really give you everything,

So with this in mind you will get the following also FREE –

  • My 30 Days of Fat Loss and Eat Shrink & Be Merry digital cookbooks – Value £19.99
  • Free entry to my January 28-day New Year Transformation Challenge – Value £97
  • Unlimited access to timetabled sessions, so you can go as often as you like – normally reserved for VIP package (£147 pcm)

You get this all for a once off up front price and never to be repeated £597

Hands Up Who likes Christmas????

There are Only 5 spaces available.

I have 143 active members at the moment, 1 cap my numbers at 150

SO if YOU want in.

YOU NEED TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT ASAP HERE >>> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=3J4LLBB43PY2N

I’d hate you to miss out on this ridiculous idea of mine by sitting on the fence deliberating..

OH and the catch????

There is none !!!


Yours in health

Dee x

P.S if you would like to purchase any packages or memberships for any loved ones this Christmas I have Gift Vouchers available.

P.P.S you can even purchase the amazing offer above for a loved one, or have some one purchase it for you..