I’m late on it today

Sorry 🙁


I’m dosed with a horrible head cold and feeling sorry for myself .

I didn’t even take my pups to the beach this morning so there’s a few unhappy heads in the house!

In fact as I’m writing to you, they’re sat staring at me – trying to guilt me into taking them for their swim.


Do you have difficulty saying no ?


Years ago I’d feel guilty if I made up a white lie about not wanting to see a certain person.

Then, rather than suffer the guilt, I tested out saying yes more to remedy the guilt (and be more compassionate).


Trouble was… then come to the conclusion I just wasn’t compassionate enough – like I needed work on that side of myself.


It wasn’t until I discovered a tool called ‘re-framing’, that I was able to see there was nothing ‘wrong’ with me… it was just in my nature to try to preserve my well-being and sanity.


Here’s what I mean, you could re-frame your way out of the guilt that might come with saying no to someone you need to avoid for your sanity and health.


For example:

Situation: You say no to preserve your well-being and help prioritise your time and energy BUT it it makes you feel really guilty

Re-frame: You’re just a very happy individual who wants to stay that way (a positive strength)


You see, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with saying yes all the time if it makes you happy.




If you have an inkling that you’re giving out too much and it’s affecting your happiness ….. perhaps it’s time to learn the power of NO…


It’s about knowing yourself and then trusting in your instincts. When you know your true nature, you don’t need to try and change it right away – you can just re-frame the situation and be able to take the positive.


RAK #61 is for YOU 

I’m sharing one of the quick win worksheets I’m using with my girls in the Empowerment Project.


Download your Just say NO worksheet here >>>> Download Now

Password: empowerme


Let me know how it works for you


Have a wonderful Sunday


Dee x




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