How much time and energy is wasted on being right – when it could be focused on being curious?

Or on being courageous?

Or even on being willing to take a risk or try something new?

Here’s my point:

We spend a lot of time on planet earth defending our judgements, especially in our reasons why we haven’t managed to shift that last 10 pounds or get further ahead in our careers.


Because it feels good to be right.

And who doesn’t want to feel good?

Not to mention, once you decide something is one way, your brain is immediately wired to look for supporting evidence.  So for every 50 stories I can tell you about people who found their passion, or were successful in their weight loss journey, you’ll hone in on the ONE story about that friend of a friend who totally failed at passion or who lost shed loads of weight and then piled it all on again (and use that excuse to stay stuck).

It’s the problem with being human :).

We’ve all been guilty of it in the past, running random thoughts through your mind: “I should just focus on my work and be grateful. You aren’t supposed to love your job – people who tell you otherwise are obviously wrong.” “I’m comfortable in my own skin, if I want to lose weight it means I have to give up nice things!!” ……

And…I so you stay, snacking on the sofa in a cloud of smug, misery-fueled EastEnders episodes.

Some women wise up and understand that if they focus their energies on being right instead of being curious – they won’t get anywhere – most don’t and can’t understand why they struggle in life so much.

I’m not saying that everything you think or believe is wrong – far from it.

But I am saying that there’s probably some places in your life where you are so focused on being right that you are missing some great opportunity.

I don’t want you to miss out – you deserve more.
So my challenge to you today is this question: Where in your Life are you limiting yourself?

Where could you, instead of defending why you are right, start to question how things could be different or better?

Hit reply and let me know what you decide !!

Dee x

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