I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for spreading the word about our Errigal Climb this Sunday, 25th October.

Not only will we be getting some exercise in the fresh air but we will also be fundraising for Jamie’s Journie.

You don’t know how much your support means to me.


Now we’re not done with the fun yet!!

On Saturday 31st October we’re hosting a Halloween Coffee Morning for Jamie’s Journie at Million Dollar Fitness. My awesome Million Dollar girls have stepped up to the plate and organised the whole thing, as well as baking the chocolate delights and treats awaiting you!!

You can come can’t you?
Read more about it <<< here >>>>

You can buy raffle tickets on the day, again all money is going to Jamie’s Journie. Prizes have been donated by the Million Dollar Family. These guys never cease to amaze me…… they just continue to blow me away by their kindness and support.

Are YOU a Back To The Future fan??
This week was a biggie for Back To The Future fans. Wednesday was “Back to the Future” day. Theee ACTUAL day when Michael J Fox (or Marty Mcfly) landed ‘in the future’ in that old classic.

They ‘predicted’ (in movie terms) that there’d be a bunch of different stuff around by now.

Such as flying cars.

Of course it was just a bit of fun but some of those predictions were actually not that far off; 3D movies, video calls, and wearable technology…

Years ago I sat and watched the Back to The Future Trilogy – the 25th Anniversary release.

Back to Back to Back.

That’s right.

All 3 of them.

My bum was numb!!


There’s a part in the first film that really stood out to me.

The confidence factor

See if it resonates => watch clip

Today my RAK is to try and sell as many raffle tickets as I can for our fundraiser – £1 a ticket / 5 in a book.

Let me know if you want some 🙂


Please and Thank You

Dee x