Morning !!

What’s going on in your world today?

Is Sunday a chill out day for you?

Family time?

I’ll keep it short today, I know you don’t want to be spending time in your inbox …..

It’s Day 47 of my RAK’s – I can’t believe you’ve stuck with me for this long


Over the past 40 odd days my girls at Million Dollar Fitness have been the recipients of lots of individual RAK’s that I haven’t shared with you … little things that have made a big difference to them

It’s the little things that count though isn’t it?

Today I’m reaching out to as many people as I can who I know need a little TLC

Did you know it can take up to ten positive comments to counter-act just one negative one??

Read that again …..

10 positive comments outweigh ONE negative one

(the brain is conditioned to focus on negatives btw but more on that another day)

Tell Miss. Negative. Nelly. to get on her bike today and make a point of reaching out and encouraging AS MANY PEOPLE AROUND YOU AS YOU CAN!

Start with YOU

Words can heal, they can bless, they can comfort and they can also TRANSFORM lives.

So BE that person.

Offer unconditional encouragement to your friends and family – you shouldn’t expect anything in return when it comes from the heart

I know I can usually find something positive to say – my glass is half full, not half empty you see

Thirty years from now, you won’t remember what cereal you picked up in Marks.

On your death bed, you won’t care which holiday package you picked.

You won’t recall whether you chose to see the romantic comedy or the action adventure (unless, of course, it’s another Hugh Jackman movie — Dee swoons lol).

None of these things will have mattered.

What will matter is that you acted, that you made a contribution, that you decided to dosomething. Or that you didn’t.

And that’s the point of all of my RAK’s – Be The Difference

Have a great Lazy Sunday

Dee x

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