Most people make a fatal mistake in planning their fat loss programme.

They fail to plan beyond Step 1.

If you did this in any other capacity in life,you’d never become successful.

If you didn’t plan to have a family or buy a home, you’d be stuck leaving everything up to luck, and the chances of your success would go way down.


So let’s start by making a plan.


Step 1) Work out what kind of shape you’re in today.

Be honest with yourself.  On a scale of 0 to 10  …..

0 = Almost dead, barely can move around your own house.

10 = Olympic-caliber shape, unstoppable.


Where are YOU today?


Step 2) Realize your strengths and weaknesses, and decide how you can use both to your advantage.


Step 3) Figure out where to begin and make a plan that is realistic and aggressive. 
Nothing ever happens in life without a bit of dedication to the cause.


Step 4) Find your vision…. it could go something like this:

Instead of saying:  “I’m going to be 2 stone lighter”, try this visualisation exercise instead:

Picture yourself walking down a street by a mirrored building, 16 weeks from now.

You’re actually thinking about this as you read this by the way.

The wind is really strong – blowing hard and almost knocks you backwards off your feet, but then your core kicks in and you get your balance back.

Suddenly, you feel your abs brace, your legs tighten a bit, and a smile come to your face.

You glance to your right and you see your own reflection…



You’re shocked.  You look familiar, but 2 stone lighter….

except you’re wearing the same clothes you’re wearing today but now they look totally ridiculous.

Somehow, you’ve lost weight so quickly that you didn’t even realize it was time to buy a new wardrobe.

No wonder no one has said anything to you yet… you’re not showing off.

You keep walking down the street and now that you’re so happy,

you begin to realize that you’re no longer focused on appearance,

so you take better notice of your environment.

There are flowers to your left, and the breeze sends the smell in your direction.

You can almost taste the pollen,but you have a stronger sense of the delicious, healthy lunch you just ate.

(maybe from my 30 Days Of Fatloss Cookbook >>)


Shit, this feels good.  It’s like no time has passed at all…

in fact, somehow, as you reflect upon this moment, you feel even younger than before.

The most shocking part of the reflection you saw in the mirror is that you actually look younger,

not the same age, and not older.

You smile to yourself and walk on.

Next stop, the clothing store.

It’s time to reward yourself with a brand new pair of jeans or a dress that brings out your new figure.

Do YOU get it?

This is so much more powerful

Ok, cool.  Now that you’ve got the vision, it’s time to take it a level beyond.

Detail how you’re going to get there, step by step, and show you how you need to progress along the way to reach your goal 28 pounds in 16 weeks = approximately 2 pounds per week.

Understanding that weight loss normally is a bit easier in the beginning than when you get leaner, let’s start this as 3 pounds for the first 6 weeks.


18 pounds down, 10 weeks to go.

Now, in weeks 7-16, you’ll need to lose 12 pounds.

That works out to be about 1.2 pounds/ week, so let’s shoot for 1.5 for another 4 weeks.

BOOM again!

You’re up to 24 pounds in 10 weeks.

6 pounds to go, and you’ve got 6 weeks to hit your goal.

How will you get there?

What will need to change?

Will you be able to keep doing the same thing?


Do YOU need my help ???


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RAK 90 today and I sent a wee surprise to David’s daughter who’s at uni in Liverpool.

For a fact it’s party central for her over there but it can still be a very lonely place even in all of that hustle & bustle especially coming up to Christmas so I’ve sent her an advent calender filled with mini nail polishes – I LOVED it when I saw it!!


Dee x

#randomkindness          #teammilliondollar


PS – day 100 is next Sunday …. don’t miss it!