Happy November 1st !!!

Today is a BIG day.
It’s maybe just as exciting as New Year’s Day.
Here’s why…

Last night you probably ate and drank waaaay too much, just like New Year’s Eve.

Here in the Halloween capital of Europe, you might be waking up with a huge chocolate hangover thanks to your little treasures and their Halloween haul.

Maybe you came to our fundraising Coffee Morning yesterday and sampled a little too much of the fine treats on display – was it you who bought that scrumptious Milk Tray cake that Jane made ?????


It’s a classic …

Delicious Treats…

Followed by Belly Fat Trickery!


You probably don’t feel so great right now.

But that can change today.


I love it when a new month starts on a Sunday or Monday.

It’s a double dose of that “Starting All Over Again” feeling.

So why not start again with a positive “I’m going to change” outlook today?


You could just as easily change your life today as any other day.

You don’t need to wait for January 1st 2016.

You don’t need to gain weight for the rest of 2015.


Let’s see what you can change in 42 days.

You CAN – and WILL – get rapid results, lose weight, and get rid of your belly BEFORE Christmas.

Not sure how to change?


My Little Black Dress Challenge is just what you need >>>> click here <<<<<

Picture yourself waking up 6-20lbs lighter.

Feeling energised instead of hitting that snooze button

You fit better in your clothes.


With me as your accountability coach, a nutrition plan to follow, over 20 sessions a week to choose from (you can do as many as you want btw) & a private Facebook group, you’ll finally overcome your bad habits.

It’s a no brainer if you ask me.


So YES, there is still time to achieve your big goals in 2015.

And it all starts with my ‘take-you-by-the-hand-and-coach-you’ Little Black Dress Challenge

Did I mention you can win a cash prize too?

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P.S. Forget about last night if things went wrong…

It’s over.

There’s nothing you can do about it.

Focus on the future.


It’s OK if you get off track once in a while.

It’s minor damage that can be dealt with.


Here’s the #TRUTH…

If one pound of fat is 3500 calories, you’d have to eat an extra 7 Big Mac’s to gain a pound.

That’s an excessive amount of calories… so don’t worry, you didn’t overeat by 7 Big Macs over the weekend.

You didn’t really gain a pound of fat.

Stay . Away . From . The . Scales


Maybe you ate a little more, but it’s the salt and fluid retention that are showing up on the scale.

Just get back on track today, drink extra water, avoid sugar, salt and trans-fats today

Use my short burst home workouts.

You’ll be back on track in no time.


Click here to get your AWESOME on with my help.

Take a deep breath, forgive yourself the mistakes of the past, and let’s move on to a better day today.

Stay strong and push on, I know YOU can do it!


PPS – Sorry for emailing so early but I really wanted to put your mind at rest if you did overindulge yesterday – It’s all in hand 🙂



I’ll be updating you on this weekends RAKs later on – I’m feeling pretty awesome about what we’ve achieved at Million Dollar Fitness