You opened it – AWESOME !!
Who say’s we always have to be serious
Not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
It’s #FunFriday today ……
I’m posting this in the Million Dollar members lounge in a bit (our really cool secret Facebook group for members), each day we have a different theme and the craic is mighty
I’m looking forward to reading the captions – Fitness & Nutrition is the topic

You’ve probably heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine.”

Well, there’s a ton of evidence that this saying is actually true!

YOU already know that and if you watched my video the other day you’ll know that positive thoughts create positive inner dialogue which in turn = positive actions
Life is good when you laugh ….
as well as the many physical and mental benefits,
it can relieve tension and stress, boost your immune system, and improve your heart.
A study from Vanderbilt University concluded that laughter can even burn calories … it’s a WIN WIN thing!!
RAK #52 is to make as many people laugh today as I can – including YOU
Did I make you laugh with this pic?
Hope so!!
You will let me know what your caption is too won’t you?
Happy Friday
Dee x
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