Today is an important day !!!

Any time the 1st of the month falls on Monday, it’s like New Year’s Day again.

And we can just as easily change our lives today as we could on New Year’s Day.

Change is a matter of choice – not time of year.

Will you join me?

Will you commit to change?

There’s no reason not to…

Here’s a quick workout for you …..


Circuit 1:

Prisoner Squat – 30 seconds

Body Mountain Climber – 30 seconds (alternating sides)

Press up or Kneeling Press up – 30 seconds

Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds

– Repeat this circuit twice


Circuit 2:

Bicycle Crunches – as many as you can do in 60 seconds

Plank – 60 seconds or as long as you can 🙂

– Do this circuit once


Circuit 3:

Burpees – 60 seconds

Lunges – 30 seconds per side

– Repeat this circuit twice


Circuit 4:


– Do 20 seconds of squats and then hold the bottom position for 10 seconds

– Do this four times (it will take you a total of two minutes)


Enjoy your food, enjoy your body, enjoy what you can do.


Your body is like a machine

It’s a lot more complex, yes.

But just like a machine, your “output” depends heavily on what you put in.

If you’re bigger than you would like, you put too much in.

If you’re an ok size, but you have too much fat/not enough muscle, you didn’t put the right things in.

Your body can only work with what it’s given.

If you only give it toasted cheese sandwiches and zero coke, you probably shouldn’t expect high performance that day.

What if instead you gave it leafy greens, topped with carrots, chicken, and some avocado?

Yep you guessed it:

You would feel, and perform at a higher level.

When you get used to eating poorly, you also get used to the way your body responds.

After weeks of eating fast food sandwiches, the 2pm drowsiness is just your “normal.”

Do you feel as energised and productive as you would like?