Yippedy Doo Dah, Yippedy Day …… My Oh My What a Wonderful Day
Day 50 of my RAK journey – I’m pretty pleased with myself if I’m honest
Over the last 50 days I’ve really put myself out there, I’ve connected and re-connected with so many amazing women who are all on the same mission …
To Empower others and to generally make the World a better place to live in
Diets, diets, diets.
This way. That way.  This food. That food.
Prep meals, calorie count, paleo, vegan, fruits, meats, eat what you want… use this app…
With the countless amounts of diets and systems out there, you would think you would see a lot of thin people,
You would think everyone should be getting incredible results.
But the truth of the matter is…
While diets have been increasing like weeds in our society our obesity rate continues to pile on for women at alarming rates.
Why is this?
Why are so many women NOT getting the results they want or should be getting?
More importantly, if you’re struggling right now, why haven’t YOU gotten the results you were promised?
Because I’m buzzing about hitting day 50 AND excited that you’re still with me on this Journey, I’m gifting two things to YOU today as my RAK
Gift number 1 –  I’m sharing a video with you from my Empowerment Project, if you take 10 minutes out of your day to watch it you’ll begin to understand that YOU aren’t weak willed or lacking in Motivation….
You’re out of your mind – quite literally
And understanding this is one of the many reasons I’m able to help my girls get such life changing results and experiences at Million Dollar Fitness
Gift number 2 –  10 super tasty treat recipes from my mega popular cookbooks. Download them here >>>> TASTY TREATS
From the bottom of my heart , I honestly want to thank YOU for inspiring me to do what I do.
I LOVE hearing how your Journey is progressing
Have a great day
Dee xx
#teammilliondollar     #randomkindness
PS Day 100 – you’ll LOVE it!!
PPS – share this if YOU know somebody who needs my help 🙂