The goal of today’s email is exactly as the title says…….. To enable you to go out and have an awesome super amazing day ahead!

The idea is to raise your energy and heighten your awareness so that you can go about your day purposefully.

Often, we get so consumed by our daily routine that we forget to seek out small pleasures that life has to offer. We also forget to feel good about what we have already achieved.

If you’ve never used EFT before, check out the image below for the Tapping points and give it a try!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Karate chop : Even though there are things that I can think of right away that could prevent me from having a great day, I still want to focus my intention on getting the best out of this precious day.
Even though there could be snags and hold-ups just like any other day, I still choose to have a smooth and easy day today.
Even though just telling myself to have a great day hardly seems enough, the fact that I’m doing it is sending my powerful intention out into the Universe. Wouldn’t it be nice if my intention is reciprocated in the form of a wonderful day?
Eyebrow:    I want to have an amazing day today.
Side of the eye:    I want to feel loved, happy and healthy.
Under the eye:  I want my day to be filled with happenings I will like.
Under the nose:    Although it is not always easy.
Chin:    There are often unseen hurdles to having a great day.
Collarbone:    But today, I choose to have a great day anyway.
Under the arm:    I allow for me to go with the flow.
Top of the head:    Sometimes it feels like I’m getting nowhere.

Eyebrow:    Today, I choose to make hefty strides achieving what I am here to achieve.
Side of the eye:    Sometimes life feels like a rusty machine.
Under the eye:    Today, I choose to see the machinery that is this Universe
Under the nose:    and what a valuable cog I am in that machine!
Chin:   Sometimes I feel disconnected from what goes on around me.
Collarbone:    Today, I choose to build bonds and bridges that will last a lifetime.
Under the arm:    Sometimes responsibilities feel like a burden that weighs me down.
Top of the head:    Today, I choose to be grateful knowing I am capable enough

Eyebrow:    to shoulder those responsibilities.
Side of the eye:    As the day drags on, I sometimes feel bored and restless.
Under the eye:    Today, I choose to find unexpected pleasures out of the mundane.
Under the nose:    Sometimes my work feels like too much struggle.
Chin:   Today, I choose for my load to be light, and yet deliver remarkably.
Collarbone:    Sometimes things seem too complicated to sort out.
Under the arm:   Today, I choose for the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place effortlessly.
Top of the head:    Sometimes my best laid plans are ruined in a swipe.

Eyebrow:   Just like I wouldn’t stop and sulk when there is a detour in the road

Side of the eye:    today I choose to move on, taking any detours in my plans, in my stride.
Under the eye:    Sometimes my life feels like it is on auto-pilot.
Under the nose:    Today, I choose to drive my bus with awareness and gratitude.
Chin:    Sometimes I get completely wrapped up in the daily grind.
Collarbone:   Today, I choose to take time to smell the roses too.
Under the arm:   Sometimes I forget to acknowledge the value of people who matter.
Top of the head:    Today, I choose to reach out and bask in the warmth of their love.

Eyebrow:   Sometimes I get lost in taking care of others.
Side of the eye :   Today, I choose to pay attention to my wellness too.
Under the eye:    Sometimes I get blinded, following everything others tell me.
Under the nose:    Today, I choose to listen to my voice of reason too.
Chin:    I often make unhealthy choices in a hurry and out of habit.
Collarbone:    Today, I choose to be more discerning about what I consume.
Under the arm:    As I expect all the goodness to come into my day,
Top of the head:    I choose to be considerate towards others too.
Eyebrow:   When people behave irrationally,
Side of the eye:    I choose to look past that into the real reason
Under the eye:   and wonder whether I can be of any comfort to them.
Under the nose :   I choose to be compassionate towards myself.
Chin:   Today, I choose to be kind.
Collarbone:     I choose to run into pleasant people wherever I turn.
Under the arm:    I allow unexpected help and favors to come my way.
Top of the head:   Every single day of my life can be full of wonder and joy.
Eyebrow:   Today, I choose to be pleasantly surprised
Side of the eye:    by what the Universe has in store for me.
Under the eye:    Tonight, as I look back into the day that was,
Under the nose:    I choose to feel grateful and content,
Chin:    knowing that I gave it my best and got the best in return.
Collarbone:    Today, I choose to align with my highest good and happiness.
Under the arm:    Today, I choose to be the best version of me.
Top of the head:   Today, I choose to have a great day!

Take a deep breath and relax.


Feel free to use it as many times during the day as you like.

Remember, you can never overdose on Tapping!

Dee x

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