Morning !!

Here’s a quick workout for you to blast out before work today ….

The Bodyweight Only Intermediate Abs Destroyer Workout

– Do each exercise for 45 seconds and rest 15 seconds between exercises.

– Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit.

– Do 1 to 3 rounds of the circuit.

  • Pike – Pres ups if you aren’t sure about a Pike
  • Plank
  • Mountain climbers
  • Ab Crunch
  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Side Plank (each side)
  • Inchworm – if you don’t know what this is, I’ll take Burpee’s!!
  • **Pause Pushup – pause for 1-second at the top and bottom of your pressup
  • Sprint


That’s it!!

Send me a post workout selfie !!

Don’t forget to be AWESOME today.


Dee x

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