Hey how was your weekend?

Do you ever think you’re too old to start something or it’s too late to make changes?

Karen, a client I’ve had 5 years or so, can out-perform most 25-year olds.

She swings a kettlebell like a boss and OWNS burpees at just about every workout.

She’s in her 50’s.

One of my all-time favourite’s  (yes all trainers have these, even if they don’t admit it) is Paula, a grandmother in her 50’s, who’s shed 10% body fat since joining the family.
It goes beyond weight loss, too…
A man named Harland Sanders was fired from loads of jobs.
He was even broke at the age of 65.
You may know him.
He’s “Colonel Sanders” of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Leo Goodwin felt insurance needed an overhaul.
At the age of 50, he founded a new insurance company.
You may have heard of it.
It’s called, “GEICO”.
Remember Susan Boyle and her EPIC performance of “I Dreamed a Dream”?
At the age of 48, she had never sung professionally before.
She landed a record deal that broke records (s’cuse the pun lol).
Ohhh , if you can just remember one thing –
We are on this Earth for just a snippet of time.
So many opportunities are at our fingertips.
In fact, I’ve challenged myself to write a book.
It scares me to death…
BUT that’s what makes me do it.
The best is yet to come
So when you say, “I’m just too old”,
Stop It!!
That’s just not an excuse.
My RAK today was to keep every negative thought or frustration to myself and only share my positive thoughts with others. Lots of Deep Breathing today!!
Did I ever show you this video?
I know it’s aimed at kids but I love it lol.
How to Belly Breathe >>> https://youtu.be/_mZbzDOpylA
Dee x
PS – Don’t forget Day 100 is this Sunday 22nd!
I’ve got some really cool things going down that I’d hate you to miss 🙂