“Life is all about chances ,
You might be safer not taking any BUT
playing it totally safe means you’re only existing not living”
Are you taking the chances and opportunities coming your way lately, or are you playing it safe and staying in your comfort zone?
Chances are if you’re playing it safe, you are merely existing and not allowing yourself to live fully.
You’re going through the motions, doing what you have to do but feeling disconnected from yourself and life itself.
Living but not really living.

Just existing.

You see  – its not by chance that chances and opportunities appear!

When opportunities present themselves to us in our life, they are just a reflection of what our heart truly desires. We would never have attracted that chance or opportunity if it wasn’t in our heart in the first place…

It appears in our life because our heart has called out for it.

What is in your heart to do, be have, create, manifest and enjoy ?

What has your heart been calling out for?

Be truthful with the answer.

When this happens, its time to take action and sieze the chance and the opportunity at hand.

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Dee x