“Lose Weight” – This audio covers many different angles within itself to cover the weight loss mindset, to make you motivated and focused and determined and driven to succeed no matter what.

How To Listen

How often should I listen to the audio?

I recommend listening to the audio at least once per day at first – ideally when you are in a relaxed state of mind. However. you can play it constantly in the background for a few hours while you work and you will still receive the benefits.

There is no right, wrong, or best way to listen – everyone is different so you need to find out what fits your lifestyle, and works best for you personally.

Do I need to use headphones?

Headphones are optional, but not required when listening to this session. Generally headphones are required with a hypnosis audio as different suggestions are sent to different ears as part of the trance inducing process. However, with subliminal messaging a trance state is not entered, and therefore headphones are not essential
Can I play the album while I sleep?

Whilst sleeping, studies have shown that the brain is most receptive to new information. The conscious mind is at rest and easier access is gained to the sub-conscious. While sleeping you process the any new information you encountered during the day and it is further stored within your subconscious mind, so yes, subliminal sleep learning is possible!
What are audio subliminal messages?

Subliminal Messaging is a technique by which a message is moved beyond your conscious level of hearing. However the message still gets registered on an unconscious level by your subconscious mind. In this way changes to your habits, self beliefs, behavior, and much more can be made from the inside out; without your logical, conscious mind getting in the way.

What will I actually hear?

Either relaxing ocean or rainfall sounds. You will not hear any voices, or a guided hypnosis, all the messages and subliminal suggestions are inaudible to the human ear.

Are Results Permanent?

Yes. You are essentially making changes to your belief systems, and patterns of thinking. Just as you would change with a method like hypnosis you will also experience a lasting result with subliminal messages – once a change has occurred within your mind it will stay like this and you can move on to another area of development. There is no set time frame for lasting change, again, everyone is different and some see results quickly while others take a little longer.

Generally you will see an improvement within a couple of weeks, and then for these changes to build and to produce a permanent change in your mind I would recommend listening to this on an ongoing basis.