How To Fit In


I love to hear that you’ve been trying those recipes I gave you, and that you’ve been sticking to the meal plan, completed the detox and that you’ve been getting to bed early. I want to see you at every session giving everything you have to give, even after a tough day! It’s a trainer’s pet hate when a client doesn’t do what they were told. What’s even more annoying, is when clients tend to wonder why they’re not losing weight.

Well, are you FTIYGY – Following The Instructions Your Trainer Gave you?

Do it!!!

2. Always give 100%

…and save nothing for the swim back home – I’d rather you give me one, one hundred percent than 10, ten percents. So I need you to dive right in and give me everything you can give!!

3. Keep constant contact with Me

I want to know what you’re eating at every meal. For breakfast, for lunch for dinner, the snacks in between, any cheat meals when you’ve slipped off the bandwagon (hey we are all human!). I like clients to post up photos of their meals and tag me in them, that way I know what’s going in to fuel them! Drop me a pm, email or text message often just to touch base! It’s not my job to chase after you! Chase me for knowledge, tips and motivation.

4. Bring me your weekly food journal

You are only with me for a very small part of your week. I want to know what you are eating, how you are feeling, what time you are sleeping and yes even are you pooping when I’m not around to keep an eye on you. So fill out a food journal including what time you went to bed the night before and the time you woke up in the morning and the mood you were in. Doing this for me is like a road map to your success.

5. If you bake…

a batch of wheat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free cakes, bring one for Me!

6. Don’t be a Negative Nelly.

Never moan, whine or bitch – this is a great way to get fired by Million Dollar!

7. Always maintain a CAN-DO attitude

…and the enthusiasm to give everything a go, and always supporting and empowering others along your journey.

8. Number EIGHT Never be LATE!

Or everybody else will have to do 20 BURPEEs….Won’t you be popular!!

9. If you can’t make a session…

cancel via the online booking system then call, email or text me to say why. I care and won’t take any rubbish that you’re just not feeling great, you’ve got PMT or you’ve have a bad day. You’ll need a real excuse for missing, but don’t just whimp-out, ever!

10. Always take your before and after photos

Everyone is always gutted when they’ve lost weight, but never took the before photos to compare how far they have come. So be sure to take your before photos, so you too can see the inches disappear and skin tone as it becomes tighter, trust me (and my clients) it is such a massive motivator. The scales can be destructive, but photos – as cringing at first that it may feel doing them at the time, they do not lie!

11. Rinse and Repeat

Over and over again.