What exactly is Million Dollar Fitness?

Owned and operated by Fat Loss expert Dee McCahill, a highly experienced Master NLP, EFT Practitioner and Fitness Professional who has years of experience helping men and women get into great shape and to stay like it.

How many times have you started an exercise programme or diet and never completed it?


When I created Million Dollar Fitness, I knew I had to make it different – a high touch experience. With me as your coach, you get personal support and guidance. This is why my clients, who work with me both one-on-one and in my group training programmes, are so successful.

So, what makes the Million Dollar experience so great?

I Get To Know YOU

During your programme, I give you personalised advice, accountability, and encouragement so that you feel heard and motivated at every step of the way. Together we break through the barriers that have been holding you back. You will end up lighter in body and mind.

Consider the possibilities that will unfold in your life as you discover why all other attempts have failed.

You Get Both 1:1 and Group Support

Studies show, community is directly correlated with success and happiness. So, our community is an important element during your Journey. Combine that with coaching from me and you’re perfectly positioned to really see yourself through.

I Don’t Overlook Mindset Stuff

Body and food brings ‘stuff’ up! I’ve been in this business long enough to have seen my share of tears and tantrums. Issues need to be addressed in order for new habits to solidifying growth to take place. I’ve created a safe space for figuring out this ‘stuff’ that tries to interfere with making good choices and taking care of yourself.

You Get a Hormone Friendly Plan

All fitness advice is not created equal. I’ve designed a fitness and lifestyle training programme specifically for women struggling with age-related and hormone-related weight gain. While working with me, you’ll get science-based, proven processes that you can follow step-by-step.

I Teach Self-Care

I just don’t understand why most fitness programmes don’t take the time to incorporate self-care – the very thing that keeps you energized, positive, and focused. A big part of my personal mission is to support you with the certainty that putting yourself first gets you results far beyond your physical appearance.


This, to me, is what makes a body care and fitness programme truly great. And, of course, I’ve made sure to incorporate all of these elements into my programmes.

What if I’m not in very good shape right now?

Firstly, you’ve taken positive action to change that so well done! I use progressive programming at MDF. If your fitness level is currently low, I’ll start you slow (there will be others in the same boat, so you won’t be left behind), but work you up to speed more quickly than you can probably imagine right now. The amazing thing about the human body is how it adapts quickly to proper stimulus. I will SAFELY challenge you, never more than you can handle.  I have this progressive programming down to a science.

Just know that you are welcome at MDF regardless of your level of fitness, and you will not feel out of place, even if you think of yourself now as being totally out of shape. You are not alone. Help is here, both from the Dee and the friendly, caring support you will receive from other members …. Your extended family. We work as a team, inspiring and being inspired, and everybody wins!

What types of exercises and activities are included in the programme?

The exercises we do include an emphasis on developing the core muscles of your body.  Your shoulders to your hips is your core. For most people, that’s where all the problems lie. When you integrate core work and whole body movements, nothing gets left out and your whole body improves greatly.

When do the sessions take place, How do I book?

All the time!! Book in for your sessions using the booking link provided in your welcome email. It’s also in the intro section here just in case you need a backup. All sessions start bang on time so that everyone in the session gets the full benefit of the allocated time – don’t be late.

Where do the sessions take place?

All training sessions take place at our facility, a beautifully restored church. Tower Hall, 8 Bonds Hill, Waterside BT47 6DW.

Is there car parking?

There is street parking available. You can also park in our private, members-only, car park inside the main gates. Please do not park in any yellow lined zones.

Is there somewhere to change and shower?

There are both ladies and gents toilet and shower facilities at Million Dollar Fitness.

What should I wear for my sessions?

It’s best to layer your clothes depending on the time of year. In winter, our centre is kept at a fairly low temperature, so make sure you have a warm top half over-layer to arrive and leave in.  In the summer, it’s important to wear clothing that will help to keep you as cool as possible, so clothing with wicking qualities is advisable. Ladies, a comfortable and supportive bra is essential. Gents, make sure you are well supported down there with briefs or close fitting boxers. On your feet you should wear sports socks and a decent pair of trainers with a cushioned sole. They don’t need to cost a fortune.  Please do not wear fashion trainers or Easytone trainers as they are designed for appearance not exercise and offer no cushioning for your joints.

Is there anything else I should bring with me?

YOU! The most important thing for you to bring is a positive, can-do attitude, the willingness to give the session 100% and a desire to have fun with other members just like you. The social element of Million Dollar Fitness is a vital part of your success. The camaraderie and support here is tremendous. Everyone works together as a team, inspiring and being inspired. You may also want to bring a sweat towel.

Will I feel sore after my sessions?

It’s completely normal to feel some soreness for the first few sessions at Million Dollar Fitness. You are moving and using muscles in ways you probably have not for some time, maybe ever.  Even though we warm you up properly, cool you down and stretch – you should still expect to experience soreness within the first 72 hours. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and will subside. Epsom Salts baths are an AWESOME way of helping those aching muscles AND giving you a good night’s sleep.

How quickly can I expect to see results in the mirror?

It took time for you to get where you are today, and so it’s only natural that it will take a little time to see dramatic changes. See-it-in-the-mirror results can take 21-28 days or more, depending on how much effort you put into it and how good your diet is. Again, it’s all about attitude. If you show up ready to put in the effort while you’re at MDF, whilst following my nutritional guidance, you can expect to see real rapid results.

Dropping clothing sizes, 3-8% body fat reduction and a minimum of 6-12 pounds of weight lost, is not uncommon and absolutely within your grasp. I’ll help you every step of the way, and motivate you to succeed!

What can I expect from Million Dollar Fitness sessions?

Expect FUN, expect excitement, expect to never be bored, always be stimulated, Challenged (just enough) and to always leave feeling charged-up, energised, full of life and feeling great. Expect to feel lighter in body and spirit.

Expect to feel healthier and have a real zest for the day ahead.

Expect to seize every opportunity, smile a lot, and laugh.

Expect to be AWESOME

Again, I realise that sounds like a big promise, maybe even too big. But it’s true.


I know it because I live it every day. And you’ll know it soon enough, as well.


If there is such a thing as a panacea, something that cures everything, it’s Fitness.

If you’ve never experienced it, you are in for a real treat because nothing can make your life more full, rich, balanced and positive than exercise.

Your energy levels will soar. Stress will be controlled, and in some cases, even disappear.

Your stamina and strength will increase, your skin will glow, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

I know, I know, that sounds like hype.

All I can say is this: once you experience it, you WILL believe it. And in addition to all that, you’ll meet great people, make some new friends and have a lot of fun in a SAFE and welcoming environment.