‘Food really gets you under the skin of a destination’

Yo Yo Yo!
It’s Friday evening and I know you’re winding down for the weekend so stick with me on this!
I’m super excited to give a shout Awesome #teammilliondollar member Catherine Goligher who launches her new venture Derry Food Tours on 7th May.
What sold it for me is that this tour caters for all types of dietary requirements – even weirdo’s like me with a garlic allergy!!
‘Our goal is to introduce people to the amazing food culture we have here in Derry’ says Catherine, founder of Taste of Derry Food Tours. ‘Many people are unsure sometimes were to go, or locals have their own favourite spots. On this tour you can sample a variety of places, engage with the chefs, owners and producers whilst tasting some of the best food and drink, all in a relaxed atmosphere. This is a truly unique experience. Let us spoil you, you won’t want to leave!’

Catherine believes food tells a story about a place, and on her 4 hour walking tour in Derry~Londonderry City Centre you’ll experience some of the very best food and drink the city has to offer.

Visiting no less than 6 local eateries and learning about Derry as a foodie city, in the best way you can – from the chefs and producers themselves.
Taste over 20 different foods and drinks, everything from mouth-watering local Street Food, to exquisite fresh fish and delectable sweet treats, washed down with refreshing local beers and drinks.
This tour is for tourists and locals alike and has food, culture and people all wrapped up in one fun experience.
Dress for the weather bring your appetite for food, drink and of course be prepared for some Craic.
You’ll experience our amazing city with your taste buds and through the eyes of our passionate local people, who love food and drink.
Doesn’t it sound amazing?
Now when I spoke to Catherine earlier today there were 8 remaining seats left on the 7th May tour so don’t sit on the fence or you may miss out
To book your place you can book directly here through PayPal >> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FMTNBFZLJKSVW
contact Catherine directly either by private message on Taste of Derry FB page or email
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Happy Friday !!
Dee x