Ho Ho Ho I’m back again!!

Just following on from yesterdays email – You know the one with the crazy offer??

Well there’s now ONLY ONE place left on the most insane offer that is likely going to come your way ever…

If you are thinking “should I do it?”

YES go for it..

By taking my final spot you guarantee to making a commitment to yourself for the next 18 months.

In that time you are going to see a massive improvement in your fitness levels, energy levels, confidence,  how your body looks when you peek in the mirror … even your sex life will get better … FACT!

Say you lost even 1/2lb every week during those 18 months ….

YOU will have lost 36lbs (insane or what)

Only by losing 1/2lb per week.

You lose more, even better.

If you don’t have much or any weight to lose, you know that you are still going to be able to stay in serious shape for the next year and a half…

Just to remind you what is on offer here:

18 months for the price of 9 (Gold membership, click here for full info >>  http://million-dollar-fitness.myshopify.com/products/gold)18 months is currently £1386

9 months … £693

That’s £693 for 18 months of Kick Ass Accountability with yours truly

A Group Training experience like no other

You’d be silly not to

But then I got thinking and decided feck it lets make this offer even more mind blowing,

Who likes the number £693


So I though lets do if for £595.

YES £595, Sweet Baby Cheeses !!


Why £597 I can hear you ask ?? – 

Because I can AND I just liked the look of it..

You also get the following also FREE –

  • My 30 Days of Fat Loss and Eat Shrink & Be Merry digital cookbooks – Value £19.99
  • Free entry to my January 28-day New Year Transformation Challenge – Value £97
  • Unlimited access to timetabled sessions, so you can go as often as you like – normally reserved for VIP package (£147 pcm)

You get this all for a once off up front price and never to be repeated £597

Hands Up Who likes Christmas????

There are Only 5 spaces available.

I have 143 active members at the moment, 1 cap my numbers at 150

SO if YOU want in.

YOU NEED TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT ASAP HERE >>> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=3J4LLBB43PY2N

I’d hate you to miss out on this ridiculous idea of mine by sitting on the fence deliberating..

OH and the catch????

There is none !!!

You get this all for a once off up front price and never to be repeated – £597

So whats it going to be ????

I’ve talked to a load of girls over the last few days and all saying the same. “I want to do it BUT I’ll WAIT until the New Year.”



It’s TREADING water.

Living in GROUNDHOG day.

Putting your dream ON HOLD.

REFUSING to thrive.

“It’s fine, I’ll wait until….” and followed by
“I want to but ….”

So WHAT are you waiting for?

  • I’ll WAIT until the New Year
  • I’ll WAIT until I get paid
  • I’ll WAIT until the Summer
  • I’ll WAIT get THAT promotion and earn more money
  • I’ll WAIT until I have more TIME to get a body I’m proud of
  • I’ll WAIT until we MOVE house
  • I’ll WAIT until I’ve HAD a baby
  • I’ll WAIT until THE baby is older
  • I’ll WAIT until the teenagers are less hard work
  • I’ll WAIT until the children leave home
  • I’ll WAIT until I retire

Until ….. You’ve just WAITED your whole life.

If we wait until we are READY to do things we’d be WAITING for the rest of our lives.

LATER becomes NEVER.

I’d hate you to look back in a couple weeks and regret not taking me up on this insane offer.

I can guarantee, I’ll never make this insane offer again – as I explained yesterday I’m raising the bar on my programmes in January and the £77 pcm Gold option won’t be available any more.

It’ll be a 90 Day programme @ £147 pcm

If you want to take this final place grab it here >>>


Ho Ho Ho Merry Fitness



PS – if you have been sitting on the fence but don’t want 18 months membership (can’t think why!), the £77 Gold membership disappears on 31st December so if you want in for £77 and not £147

ACT NOW >> http://million-dollar-fitness.myshopify.com/products/gold