Dee McCahill supporting Jamie's Journie with Million Dollar Fitness


I’m such a scatterbrain sometimes!!

I think I told you about the fundraising we’re doing at Million Dollar Fitness during October?

We’ve teamed up with Jamie’s Journie to help raise as much as possible to help young people affected by Cancer.

Jamie is 16 and has fought cancer twice – honestly he put’s most of us to shame. Where he gets his courage and inspiration from I don’t know.

You can read more about Jamie’s incredible story << here >>

Well, did I tell you about our Errigal Climb?

It’s Sunday 25th October (yes Sunday coming!) at 11am

Short notice for you I know BUT I really hope you can make it

Please say you can?

Directions and FAQ for the climb are all << here >>

There’s a sponsorship form attached if you can make it OR you can just make a donation on the day 🙂

For my RAK today, I’m going to create a music playlist for somebody close to me who I know is pretty down in the dumps at the minute – I just know how much music can change my mood and the way I feel so I figure this will be a great way to cheer her up.

Making a playlist for someone may be free, but that doesn’t make it any less significant than a costly gift.

It’s a simple way to express how we feel, all too often we struggle to find the right words to say what we want to.


Have a great Monday