I’m sharing a couple of cool little tricks you can use to melt away stubborn fat.

Tip #1

This is a super-easy way to make your meals more satisfying and lose weight without feeling like you’re giving up all your favourite foods.

Best of all, this simple tip makes your meals more enjoyable!

About 5 minutes before you start your meal, eat a spoonful of delicious organic almond butter.

Don’t worry about measuring it out or being precise – a sloppy spoonful is fine.

Not only is it tasty, but the healthy fats activate a little-known but powerful hormone called ghrelin. It’s the hormone that tells your body loud and clear that it should be feeling full and satisfied.

2 things will happen.

As you eat, your body will be flooded with hormones that enhance the feeling of satisfaction.

And you’ll also feel fuller & happier much sooner.

Overeating and feeling bloated can be a thing of the past!


Tip #2

This is a powerful one because it allows you to burn extra fat WHILE YOU SLEEP.

Awesome right?

It’s another quick and easy trick you can start using today.

All you need to do is lower the temperature in your bedroom by a few degrees.

A recent study showed that dropping the room temperature from 75° to 67° causes men and women to burn more fat every single night.

It doesn’t get any better than that !!

You don’t have to sacrifice and give up everything you love to lose weight.

Adjust your central heating and burn fat while you snooze.

It’s truly effortless fat loss 🙂



Recent research is showing that for every 10 people who jump into the latest weight loss bandwagon, only two or three actually SHED the pounds (and keep it off).Depressing?… YES!

Inevitable?… Not so fastA weight loss diet that works for a single women in her 20s is hardly going to bring the same results to a woman in her 40s and struggling through early stages of menopause.

So I need a wee bit of information from you…Which one best describes you?…

  • Menopausal women
  • Office worker
  • Single men & women
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Senior
  • Post pregnancy
  • Stress out executive
  • Shift worker
  • Teenager
  • Newlywed

Email me back with which lifestyle fits you best.


RAK 89  –  Patience is a quality of the heart that can be enhanced with practice. I was reading Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff the other day and there’s a whole chapter devoted to Patience 🙂

Today I did what the author suggested and decided to create practice periods – periods of time that I set up in my mind to practice the art of patience.

Life, he says, is the classroom and the curriculum patience…

Start with 5 minutes and build up your capacity for patience.

Get started by saying to yourself “Ok , for the next 5 minutes I’m not going to get bothered by anything. I’ll be patient”

Your Intention strengthens your Capacity …

Over time you might even become a patient person!!!


Dee xx



PS – DAY 100 is coming up!! Keep your eyes peeled 🙂