Morning !!

Sorry I’m late on it today – these dark mornings mean I don’t get to the beach with the pups as early as I like to. I’m a real early bird – did I ever tell you my day starts at 4.30am? Anyways, while I was waiting for the sun to come up and hit the beach I treated myself to a “dessert” at 6:45 a.m

Why the hell would you do THAT I hear you ask!!!
Wouldn’t that kill your metabolism and pack on the weight?

Nope… because this is no ordinary dessert (I’m sharing my recipe below). Basically it:

  • Turns ON the “burn fat” signal in all my cells…
  • Turns OFF the “eat more food” signal in my belly…
  • And cranks UP my metabolism, energy and thinking speed…

So instead of fighting off hunger, turning grumpy, and struggling with fog and fatigue…

I get to enjoy the rest of my day calm and in control, razor-sharp and feeling like I can tackle the world…. which i will 🙂

How would you rather spend your day?

Plus it’s so scrummy, every day feels like a cheat day

I call it my “metabolic milkshake” and here it is:

Start with a scoop (28g) of chocolate-flavoured whey protein concentrate to boost energy:

  • It fuels your metabolism with the amino acids it needs to convert body fat into energy
  • Studies show it controls hunger and cravings so you eat less…
  • It provides building-blocks that keep your skin, bones and muscles young…

Second, add in a handful of raw nuts (I like almonds) for a satisfying crunch and put the brakes on aging:

  • They’re loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats that fight inflammation
  • They’ve got tons of flavonoids – powerful antioxidants that reverse cellular rusting
  • Studies show they not only reduce “bad cholesterol”, but also directly shrink belly fat

Third, pour in half a can of full-fat organic coconut milk to shift your brain into 1st gear:

  • It’s rich in medium chain triglycerides – special fats that are like rocket fuel for your brain… (coconut oil is an MCT too btw)
  • It’s naturally sweet and full of a type of fat that actually lowers cholesterol
  • Studies have shown it aids weight loss by helping your metabolism burn fat while keeping you full…

Last Step: I chuck everything into the blender, mix it up and… voila! Sometimes I add a wee sprinkle of cinnamon in there too.

I simply love this metabolic milkshake – that starts my day off right.

Of course you have to take into account what you eat for the rest of the day … You can completely wipe out the metabolic benefits of this shake IF during the rest of your day, you make the mistakes I see 90% of people make.


Happy Sunday!!

Dee x
PS – give my morning dessert a try … it really is scrummy