Did you have too much green beer yesterday ?
Drop that bacon, egg, ‘n’ cheese McMuffin right now!!!
And that Lucozade lol
I had a fantastic day yesterday – me and the girls had great craic at yesterday mornings St Patrick themed sessions {check out the pic!) That gorgeous weather was a huge bonus so with husband safely installed on a bar stool drinking his quota of Green beer, I was free to indulge my furry friends with a walk on the beach.
I’ve spent this week putting the finishing touches to my Quantum Shift Retreat which kicks off this morning so it was good to relax and breathe in some fresh air! …. I’m sooooooo excited about my retreat you know. I’m honoured to be working with these amazing ladies who have decided to give themselves an Upgrade.
Back to the green beer….
My healthy hangover cures will make you feel so much better AND are totally guilt-free.
As for how you feel about the chinese you scoffed on the way home last night – it’s done! Don’t beat yourself up about it please. Today is a new day 🙂
Ginger Fix
1 cup almond milk
1 fresh ginger root (peel and juice two inches of it)
1 tbsp raw agave
Pinch of cinnamon
 and cardamom
Stir all of these ingredients together and heat in a saucepan (or use an espresso steamer) until they come to a low boil. Ginger can settle an upset stomach and subdue any nausea. So, if you’re feeling a little queasy when you wake up, a nice ginger tonic might be just the drink to do the trick. The small amount of agave will also help to settle that icky feeling.
Morning Glow
2 apples
6 celery stalks
1/2 peeled cucumber
2 handfuls of spinach
3 large kale leaves
A few mint leaves
Add 1 small piece of fresh or ground ginger (optional)
Juice & enjoy!
This apple-based green juice contains soothing mint, perfect for boosting your metabolism of sugars and beating bloat. The body can better metabolize excess alcohol when it’s moving quickly, which fructose helps facilitate. Mint is helpful in fighting nausea and bloating. And by adding ginger to this, you can help calm your stomach if it is really upset.
Lemon Love
250ml water (room temp)
2 lemons
Pinch of cayenne and stevia
1 tbsp. of apple-cider vinegar
Lemon is very alkalizing and rich in vitamin C, which helps buffer the effects of alcohol in the body. Cayenne pepper helps boost your metabolism and is a natural pain reliever for that nasty hangover headache. Adding the apple-cider vinegar helps balance your pH and neutralizes excess acids in the stomach from alcohol
Now these juices are great for any time you’ve over indulged – not just alcohol but food
Give them a try and let me know what you think !
Happy Friday
Dee x
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