As you’re reading this, picture me greeting you with a MAHOOSIVE smile as I meet you in the street …. doesn’t it feel good to have someone acknowledge you???

Random Act of Kindness #3

Saying hello to someone, even if you don’t know them, is a common courtesy…. or that’s what we were taught growing up as kids. You’re acknowledging that they are important enough for you to say hello to.

Too often now, it’s easier to keep our heads down and focus on our i-phones, or i-pods. Truth is, we would rather talk to people on Facebook or in chat groups on the other side of the world than say hello to the person who is physically standing next to us.

It is time to change that !!

If you’re reading this on your phone … STOP …. turn around and say hello to the person next to you – doesn’t matter if you’re in the lift, on a bus or standing in a queue.

Say Good Morning to people on your way to work, in your office – even if they aren’t your favorite colleague – in fact ESPECIALLY if they aren’t your favourite person

Now, i know what you’re thinking , how can you call this an Act of Random Kindness??

Here’s how;
By the reactions I get from people.
When I stop seeing strangers eyes brighten up with  “Good Morning” and a smile THEN I’ll stop!!

By saying hello, you are letting that person know that you noticed them, and that they matter.

What a compliment 🙂

If you are shy by nature, don’t panic – you can simply just make eye contact and smile or nod.
That is enough to make someone’s day!

Give it a try!!


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