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Portion Control…

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Portion control can play a significant role in achieving your health and weight goals. You may already be eating all the right foods and exercising but if you still find yourself carrying excess weight, it could be because you are simply consuming too much. Portion control can make a big difference.

Good portion control won’t just make you slimmer – it gives you more energy.

Eating the right amount will mean your body actually has to work less hard to digest unnecessary excess food.

Portion control is about the right amount of food.

N.B. Please ensure you remain awake while listening to this audio. Do not drive while listening to this audio.

30 Days of Self Kindness

This Challenge is FREE, it’s super easy AND bloody effective.

• Print out the graphic, and cut on the dotted lines.

• Fold each affirmation and place them in a jar, box, or bag next to your bed.

• For 30 days choose one affirmation daily.

Before you start your day (or even before you get out of bed!), clear your mind and just consider the affirmation you pulled for that day. Allow the idea to really soak in, and then set the intention to make this your mantra for the day. Also set the intention to pay closer attention to your thoughts, and every time you catch yourself saying something hurtful or hateful to yourself, just replace the negativity with your daily affirmation. Throughout the day, repeat the affirmation often. You can use it as a mantra while you drive, walk, or work. You can post your affirmation to your computer or place it on a mirror. You can even set alarms on your phone to remind you to tune in throughout the day.