This weeks theme of fixing your metabolism has had a huge response so today I’ve got a real treat if you’re interested in some “Ninja” tips to really target hard to reach stubborn fat.

You know…

Those areas where fat seems to “stick” no matter how lean you get. Luckily there are some simple tricks that unlock those trouble spots. And…


3 Nutrition Tricks that Target Your Trouble Spots

Trouble Spot Nutrition Trick #1:

Cycle Your Calories (STOP eating the SAME amount of calories every day)

It’s no secret that in order to lose fat your body needs to be in a calorie deficit each day (burning off more calories than you’re consuming).

Conversely, in order to build muscle your body requires a calorie surplus (taking in more than you’re burning off).

However, eating the same amount of calories day in and day out when trying to lose fat can quickly result in adaptations, making it impossible to lose weight… OR gain muscle.

The solution is to “cycle” your calories. For example:

– Weight Training Days = Calorie Surplus (12-15 calories per lb x Lean Body Mass)
– Cardio or Non Training Days = Calorie Deficit (8-10 calories per lb x Lean Body Mass)

You will need to know your bodyfat to find out your lean muscle mass for this one. This will keep your thyroid activity (T4-T3 conversion) efficient and leptin sensitivity high – all while helping you maintain the proper estrogen to testosterone ratio necessary for fat loss and muscle gains.

Trouble Spot Nutrition Trick #2:

Cycle Your Macros (STOP eating the SAME amount of carbs, proteins, and fats every day)

All calories are NOT created equal.

Proteins, fats and carbs are all metabolized differently by the body and each produces a unique hormonal response…… Especially when it comes to the hormone insulin.

IMPORTANT: Some people are more “sensitive” to the actions of insulin, while some are more “resistant”.

If you have stubborn fat areas or trouble spots that won’t budge no matter how hard you try, you are likely insulin resistant, which means you would benefit greatly from replacing your “healthy” carbs such as rice and potatoes with healthy fats.

When this is done the right way it can make your body become more insulin sensitive, resulting in greater fat loss and more lean, calorie burning muscle – especially in stubborn body parts.

Trouble Spot Nutrition Trick #3:

Cycle Your Food Choices (STOP eating the SAME types of foods every day)

Food allergies are extremely common these days.

Eating foods which you are allergic to can increase levels of inflammation causing your adrenal glands to secrete more cortisol.

This in turn increases insulin and blood sugar levels causing your body to hold on to and deposit fat, rather than allowing you to access your stubborn fat for energy.

The best way for you to avoid developing food allergies is to rotate your food selections.

A few tips that will help is to avoid eating the same types of proteins back-to-back, while reducing or eliminating wheat and dairy – the two most common food allergens.


If you follow these Ninja tricks you’ll be suckin’ diesel as they say!!

RAK #60 is a little selfish today – I’m DOSED with a rotten head cold so its some TLC for ME today


Have an amazing weekend

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