Did you know a recent study found that doing one exercise – the Kettlebell Swing – can burn up to 20 calories per minute?

That’s impressive, right???
That’s exactly why I include them in my programmes at Million Dollar Fitness.

But here’s the thing…

Most folks don’t have Kettlebells, and those that have them often do this exercise wrong, because it’s tricky … but when it’s done as it should be – holy moly it’s a fatburning core busting exercise.

Exercise #2, after KB swings, was running… but here’s the problem. You have to run at an 8-minute mile pace… and that’s tough. And boring. And will hurt your shins, knees, calves, and back (especially if you run outside). So we’ll rule that out.

Exercise #3 is heavy barbell squats. But these are also inconvenient and something you can only do for 30 seconds, a couple of times per workout. Plus your risk of injury skyrockets.

Exercise #4 requires an Air Fit Bike (this is a stationary bike with arm handles that allows you to pull with your upper body while you pedal). But who has one of these????

The most obvious choice is to plump for one of my 30 min workouts at Million Dollar BUT if you aren’t a member yet give this bodyweight workout a go.

You’ll burn about 12 kcals per min – not as much as one of my Kettlebell workouts but still beats sitting on the sofa 🙂

Do this 2 – 3 times without rest.

Remember to warm up and cool down!!

1 min high intensity cardio (sprint, skip, burpees. jumping jacks, jog in place, etc.)

15 push ups

1 min high intensity cardio

25 body weight squats

1 min high intensity cardio

15 bicycle crunches

1 min high intensity cardio

20 mountain climbers

1 min high intensity cardio

12 lunges each leg

1 min high intensity cardio

30 sec plank hold


My RAK today was to make time to listen to a friend who needed my support.

Even though I had a zillion and one things to do, deadlines to meet – everything went to the back burner

I think in today’s hectic world it’s so easy to lose sight of what’s important – we become selfish, materialistic …. I want, I want, I want!!

A listening ear can be the difference between life and death for some folk – I’ve been there and know only too well how it feels to be in that place.

Take the time to slow down & reach out to someone in need – you never know when you’ll need the favour returned.

Dee x

Lose 2 Stone or More – Leading Weight Loss Facility in L’Derry, Northern Ireland


PS – Day 100 is going to be good 🙂