Just in case you missed it on Friday, here it is again …

NOW before you tune out, it’s cool –
No selling involved
No “BUY MY SHIT” link today 🙂

Today I’m opening up a competition to all you special peeps on my INNER CIRCLE


Introduce your besties to the Million Dollar family by clicking the
link below and sending me some info … I’ll do the rest, don’t worry.

You can use this link multiple times … you’ve got soooooo many mates you’ll want to share this one with.

‘Tis a simple competition ….

the most leads supplied by one person makes them a WINNER.

The Prize??
A cool pair of NIKES – up to the value of 100 Quid!!!

Now don’t worry, I’m not gonna fob you off with those fake Tiffany ones we all got caught with recently.

What i will do is provide a gift voucher for DW Sports soooooo
even if you don’t like NIKES you’ll get something.

Its a win win situation.

Competition closes Friday 15th August so thats a whopping 4 weeks to get networking with your pals ….

YOUR besties …
who you want to join my Inner Circle  ….


p.s. target launch for new MDHQ is September so your besties will get in on the opening party too!!

p.p.s. I’m opening this competition up to everybody in 2 weeks time so I’m giving you guys a head start!!!

Cos I care 🙂

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