So no post yesterday…

I totally meant to after our Errigal climb yesterday, but my Meniere’s Disease once again kicked my butt and reminded me that “pulling up those Big Girl panties” just isn’t enough sometimes.

Being stubborn and pushing myself to get as close to the top as I could meant I spent the rest of the day in bed – not cool 🙁
So today I’m back on my feet – albeit pretty shaky on it.
Hubbie kept asking me why I did it when I knew it was going to make me so ill.
Because I refuse to quit and give in to my fecking Meniere’s – it’s taken enough off me!!!
I guess part of me feels like a fake too, if I’m asking other peeps to climb a mountain that I can’t – I mean I call myself a Trainer yet I can’t climb a mountain??
Anyways my RAK was well and truly completed yesterday.
The Errigal climb was a great day’s craic – so much support and banter from #teammilliondollar
They really make my heart sing you know.
We’re still getting sponsorship money handed in so I’ll keep you up to speed on how much we actually raised 🙂
Next up is our Fancy Dress Halloween Coffee morning this Saturday 10am – 1pm
I hope you can make it!!
There’s a bouncy castle for the kiddies too.
I’m curious – would you like to learn a technique to help YOU never crave naughty foods again???
Would that help you?
Let me know and I’ll share it this week.
Dee xx
PS – you’re going to love day 100 I think 🙂