A happy 2016 to you!
Here you are on day two of a brand new slate, with 364 days stretching out before you, 364 brand new chances to instil new, healthy habits that will bring you closer to your lifetime goals.
It’s an exciting feeling, isn’t it???
That feeling of possibility…
But there’s risk in the exuberance – the risk of over committing to resolutions that creates overload and overwhelm – and lands you right back where you started – giving up
When you join my 28 Day Fat Loss Blueprint, that starts on Monday that simply won’t happen – because I’ve got your back EVERY step of the way
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I specialise in nurturing and helping women with 1 or more stone to lose reclaim their lives, feel comfortable in their own skin and finally begin to live again

If you’ve been struggling to reach your weight loss goals for a while and feel that nothing will ever work, I PROMISE you that this will.Where my programme differs from others is that it really is all about creating a lifestyle that you can stick to for the rest of your life

  • You won’t find row upon row of cardio machines.
  • What you will find is YOU
  • The Real YOU that’s been hiding away for so long ……
  • That’s really all YOU want isn’t it???
The most effective way to instill lasting, positive change in 2016 and beyond is to focus on a total Transformation. As well as Nutrition and Exercise, we’ll be working on the Inner You, creating new habits with Mindset tools and Nourishing Life Coaching worksheets that I’ve designed to help YOU get unstuck and start living the life you truly deserve
As you balance your Life and develop new Self Care skills, YOUR journey will become part of the fabric of your daily life
This is where true change and transformation occurs
Think about it – 2016 will be YOUR year when you invest in the game plan I have for you and you can finally stop playing the “what clothes will fit today” game 
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Dee x
PS – hit reply if you have any questions about my 28 Day Fat Loss programme.
The average weight loss on one month at my facility is 12 – 14lbs by the way ………