Did you drink more water yesterday
Did you feel better for it?
Yesssss, I know you probably had to pee more but a tiny pinch of sea salt in your water will help there 😉
Keep it up
In fact, take a drink of water NOW!!
Most people do too much
Their businesses and their lives are cluttered with unnecessary chores, busy work and a load of ‘crap’ that prevents them from doing what is important.They waste their most valuable commodity – time – responding to the perceived urgent while ignoring the truly important.They’re super busy…but they’re not nearly as effective as they could and should be.Activity wins over achievement almost every day.

The most successful people narrow their Focus and spend their time on the things that will give them the business and the life that they want…and they delegate, eliminate, minimize or systemize the rest.
Nearly everybody I know struggles to ask for help when they’re overwhelmed with work/life

and find it quite difficult to ask someone for help.

You feel that you’re being a nuisance or “unloading” on them.

So , RAK #43 is to reach out to somebody you know could use a little help

Just ask them!

How can I help make things better for you?

Is there something I could do for you?

Offer to help, and then specifically how you can help.

They will be so glad you did!

And you will be, too – you know you always feel better when you’re helping somebody out

Sometimes it’s good to stop worrying about our own problems and help someone else tackle theirs.

Then when you return to your own problems later, they often don’t seem nearly as bad!!!

Make helping others your lifestyle.

Do one thing everyday that helps another person.

And in your own backyard???

You have to be productive…not just busy.Greatness never comes by accident.

You have goals.
FOCUS on them and go get them.
Dee x
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