How do you feel about your body?
Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to talk to lots of really amazing women who had applied for my free pilot Empowerment Project …  there’s still time to apply by the way if you’ve been sitting on the fence
Sadly, most of them shared that they felt embarrassed about their bodies and those stubborn orange-peel bumps and dimples we call cellulite
Some felt self-conscious just going about everyday things
Others dressed in the dark because they were too embarrassed to look at their dimply thighs and bum.

Is cellulite a problem for you?

Well, you’re not alone.
According to CNN, 90% of women today face cellulite problems.
Wanna know a simple solution discovered by researchers just recently?
According to dermatologists from the University of Grenoble, cinnamon can be super effective in removing cellulite.
In an experiment where 80 women with cellulite were split into 2 groups, 40 of them were subjected to special anti-cellulite massages and masks, and the other 40 were treated with cinnamon oil.
The results were unbelievable. The first group had 10% reduced cellulite and the second group had reduced cellulite up to 60%.
Cinnamon’s Cellulite blasting power is due to the high concentration of antioxidants and it’s ability to improve your circulation.
Start adding cinnamon daily to your oats, protein shakes and coffee to give your body that extra boost.
Although,  I won’t lie to you, Cellulite is a tough problem to fix.
And while Cinnamon can help you reduce it, it takes exercise and diet to make the biggest difference.
Cellulite is actually a structural, circulatory and health issue.
Fat storage definitely plays a role, BUT it isn’t the reason you have cellulite.

You can be at a healthy weight AND have cellulite.

You can also be overweight and NOT have cellulite.

RAK #42 – how did you do with yesterday’s RAK by the way ?

Did you send out your text messages?

Maybe you were the recipient of one??

Today I’m encouraging YOU to drink more water (it helps with the cellulite problem you see)

Here’s a cool fact:

Your body is nearly 70% water.

The water in your body helps carry nutrients and oxygen into cells, it helps moisturize the air in your lungs, it helps protect your vital organs and helps regulate our body temperature.

It is often an easy and quick fix to a headache, too!

Headaches often occur due to dehydration.

Drink more water and have less headaches!

The bottom line is: Drink more water!

It’s essential to your health.

When you’re healthy & energetic it is easy to be kind!

Besides – drinking a lot of water can also help you lose weight and give you healthier looking skin. It helps flush toxins, keeping you healthier and more energetic.

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger soooooo if you think you’re hungry, try a drink of water first

Always try and drink before you get thirsty though –  once you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.


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