Life’s greatest treasures are waiting outside of your comfort zone.

Trust me – I know that’s hard to stomach, I find it hard too.

In fact sometimes I take myself so far out of my comfort zone I’m scared s**t less!!

BUT.. each time you do something bold and brave, you’ll be rewarded personally and professionally in ways that are hard to describe in words.

Overcoming the fear and doing it anyway will be so worth it!

Here are my tips for taking yourself out of that comfortable place you’re probably sitting in right now….


“6 tips for overcoming fear of failure”

1. Let go of worry

Worrying about all the negative outcomes of your decisions only holds you back.

Let go of trying to control the unknown, take action.

You’ll be amazed at how well you’ll handle it.


2. Opinions, opinions, opinions…

Don’t let the opinions and ideas of how you ‘should’ be living hold you back from following your heart.

Remember, folks who care don’t matter and folks who matter don’t care.


3. Follow your heart

The real winners in life are those who CAN admit they’re afraid of failure, but follow their heart anyway (they appreciate that to NOT do what they feel in their heart would be the BIGGEST failure of all).


4. One life, one little life

You’ll never look back on your life and regret the things you did do, you’ll only regret the things you didn’t. Remind yourself how short life is, swallow your pride and go get em!


5. Life is a journey

There will never come a point where you’ve ‘failed’ – life is a journey that continually gives you results to keep going one way or another.

Learn, grow and don’t be afraid to tweak along the path.


6. Be bold

The Universe has a mysterious way of helping those who step outside their comfort zone. If you make the leap, thy net shall find your feet – trust in me!

Boldness has power in it that cannot be described in words.


Dee x