Allison's Race Against Time

Allison, a 37-year-old civil servant from the city, has spent most of her adult life struggling with her weight. She tried every plan and club going and – whilst it worked for a month or two – she was never able to make it stick as a lifestyle change.

“My motivation to take action really was a race against time. My brother needed a bone marrow transplant and I was a match. My doctor said that I was the best option and the only sibling match – and Bill’s best chance of survival was receiving a transplant from my spine. But this wasn’t possible due to my weight.”

“I felt like a ‘bad sister’ and my poor life choices were affecting another person. I just felt really bad that I couldn’t help as I much as I needed to, because of my weight. My blood could help, but doctors said this was the less successful option. I really wanted to be able to do what was best for my brother.”

“This was the turning point. My best friend was at Million Dollar and she was very positive about it. I saw the results she was having, which were unbelievable. Seeing the small things Dee did for my friend; giving individual attention that other gyms didn’t give, advising on how to sort out certain problem areas and tailoring exercises to her individual needs all made me believe that Dee could help and coach me.

When I joined Million Dollar, I had specific goals to lose weight to enable the doctors to take my bone marrow via my spine. I achieved this goal but, unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan. I was diagnosed with cancer myself and the bone marrow transplant had to be cancelled 2 days prior to it commencing.”

Alison began her fitness journey with me on my 42 Day Programme.

“Despite the fact my original goal for joining Million Dollar had changed, I had such a positive experience that I wanted to continue to see what I could achieve. One of the biggest changes has been my attitude about myself and how I thought I couldn’t do things before – I didn’t believe I could do things because of my weight and now I realise that if I put my mind to it, I can do it! Now I’d like to build up the strength in my back to do another obstacle course. I’d like to be able to fit into a pair of jeans I’ve kept since I was 18 and continue to take myself out of my comfort zone more.”

“What was my biggest challenge? I thought that because I had travelled so far down the wrong road, it would be too much work to get back to where I needed to be. I thought it was too far to go, so why start?”

“My goal right now is building my fitness up from back injury in February 2015 and Dee is assisting in providing me with an individual fitness programme tailored to my needs.”

“The sessions at Million Dollar suit my lifestyle. I can finish work at 5pm and go straight to the 5.30 session which lasts 30 minutes. This means I’m not spending hours away from my family. I sometimes do double sessions to make up for days when I have other commitments.”

“My daily routine is balanced now. I am grumpy by nature of a morning and my fellow 7am Friday morning Million Dollar members are fully aware of my grumpiness! I usually eat breakfast when I arrive at work. I leave work at 5pm, go to the gym then walk with my daddy at 6.30pm for about an hour. I go home at 8pm and my John has my dinner ready for me, as per the eating plan provided by Dee.”

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“My menu changes depending on advice from Dee. The best plan for me involves Intermittent Fasting as I find it straightforward and easy to follow, and it works with my daily routine. My favourite meal is homemade pizza (from one of Dee’s books) made from tortilla wrap – it’s in a plan which Dee provided to me. I just love it, it’s my favourite thing to eat… I would even eat it when I am not being healthy. Did I say I love it? I try to drink 5 litres of water per day, or cocktails of any variety, which are usually planned-for in advance in my nutrition plan. My favourite treat is popcorn.”

“My Million Dollar highlight has to be Dash of the Titans – because never in a million years did I think I would be able to complete a 10k obstacle course! I felt so good when I finished and it was such a personal achievement. I have always looked at others and thought I would love to do that, but felt I would never be able to do it. The feeling of camaraderie was amazing especially as we were doing this in memory of a fellow Million Dollar member.”

“My personal highlight was being able to walk into the clothes shop that everyone else shops in and buy clothing off-the-rack. It made me feel ecstatic and good about myself. I was amazed by the results and couldn’t believe I had done it, and don’t think I could have done it with anyone but Dee. I tried every other weight-loss method out there. Nothing overrides the feeling of being able to fit into clothes I thought I couldn’t and buying my first ever dress of my choice, as an adult.”

My favourite activities are socialising, drinking cocktails, spending time with family and cuddling with my John. I am not a cook, John follows the nutrition plan that Dee provides for me on a regular basis and prepares my meals to the letter. My family are very much my support, in terms of exercise and my journey. My parents are my heroes in life. They are the most amazing people you could ever wish to meet – selfless and always putting others needs before their own. They are the only role model I need. My mummy and daddy tell me all the time how proud they are of my achievements.

“If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone on a weight-loss journey, it would be this – do not give up because it will happen. Since joining MDF I have given up on ‘giving up’! I have a balance now of good days and bad days. There is a change in the ratio of good versus bad days. If you are thinking of joining, just do it, take the step, make the phone call. If you are willing to put effort in, there is not a chance that it won’t work for you.”


I specialise in nurturing and helping women with 2 or more stone to lose reclaim their lives, feel comfortable in their own skin and finally begin to live again.

Dee xx


P.S. I get that you might be uncomfortable – don’t worry, it’s a female-only environment 🙂