The person you are RIGHT NOW is the cumulative effect of previous experiences, both good and bad.

Those events have been stacking on top of each other for years, and the negative ones especially, if they’re not fully healed, are affecting you on a daily basis.
They’re robbing you of your energy, your joy, your dreams and possibilities.
That’s the bad news.
The good news?
You CAN do something about this.
While most of us are busy hiding behind self imposed limitations, physiology tells us that there is nothing stopping you losing body fat.

If I was to lock you in a room , where I controlled your food and only gave you the meals after you had walked a certain distance on a treadmill….. you would lose weight.

No, you wouldn’t enjoy the process and yes, you would feel shitty at times however there is no doubt that you would lose body fat without any major health issues.

That’s because nothing at a physiological level is stopping you losing fat.

Do a little research and you’ll find that the only government implemented weight loss plan that has ever worked was food rationing.

The reality is that we’re never not ever going to accept food rationing and I doubt I will be able to lock any of you guys in a room to force fat loss. The point I’m making is still important.

It’s not a biochemical reason that you’re not in the shape you want to be.

It is behavioural!!

Your Life Situation –

Everybody says they can’t lose weight because of their ……..

Job, social life, family, friends, children, busy schedule, lack of money etc.

The good news is that the real world has examples of people being successful from every single possible situation there could be. If you look around you will see that from every walk of life you will find someone who is in good shape…. you will also find someone who previously was out of shape to go on to get their goals.

This applies to pretty much every circumstance – busy executives, single parents, unemployed, disabled people, OAPss.

You name it…. someone has already done it from your exact circumstances.

If your physiology is not stopping you and your life situation can be worked around…. then what is stopping you??

One of the best things about health and fitness goals is that there is no scarcity. Everyone can get in the shape they want. Likewise, unlike most other goals in life there is no one who can stop you achieving success. Unlike business and work for example, where you have to deal with other people. Getting in shape is simply a solo quest where what you do / don’t do determines your results.

Although you are in full control of your body fat and muscle levels some peoples’ goals are actually impossible to achieve. I have seen women who want hips thinner than their hip bones, I have seen people randomly pull out a goal weight that would not be possible if they were 0% body fat.

Check you’re not running an impossible goal because once you know that your goals is achievable there is nothing standing in your way to get there.

Like I said – If Allison could do it, so can YOU.

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